Emerging Technologies of Telepresence Market Worldwide

Mumbai, India (PressExposure) March 18, 2009 -- Worldwide Telepresence Market Shares Strategies and Forecasts 2009 2015 Report  ([http://www.bharatbook.com/Market-Research-Reports/Worldwide-Telepresence-Market-Shares-Strategies-and-Forecasts-2009-2015.html]) announces breakthrough technology in telepresence that brings visual advancements that provide customers with team collaborative communication across geographical regions.

TelePresence Market Driving Forces

TelePresence digital communications creates life size representations of people and documents located remotely in a conference room. Robots are being used as security systems that create remote communication experiences. TelePresence systems are enabling a network to change the way people live, work, learn and play. Consumer robotic technologies continue to advance into the telepresence markets. The impact of Internet-based webcam video is creating opportunities for telepresence in security and social networking. Telepresence robotics have compelling technologies.

Conference and room systems use high-definition video and audio technologies. Life-size plasma TV screens, sophisticated spatial audio, and advanced cameras provide eye-to-eye contact. Bandwidth required by life size systems is an issue.

Globally integrated enterprise organizations are achieving competitive advantage by installing telepresence systems. Enterprise organizations that postpone essential telepresence technology deployments do so at their peril. Technologies like virtualization and emerging trends like cloud computing, offer new efficiencies and reduce the need for capital expenditure. At the same time, virtualization and cloud computing are evolving.

Innovations radically reduce the barriers that have limited the effectiveness of traditional analog and digital communications for remote meetings. Telepresence meeting participants can easily perceive the subtlest facial and body expressions of their counterparts. The audio realistically replicates sounds, so, for instance, if someone on the left side of a table speaks, you hear the sound on your left. Technical issues relating to managing how and when people speak are hidden from meeting participants. Participants can talk in their normal tone and style. All this combines to make it seem as if all the participants are actually in the same room together.

People Travel For Business To Enable Ad Hoc Decision Making Telepresence brings virtual meetings to a sense of the participants being in the same room. HD TV is the technical breakthrough that makes this happens. Three HD TV screens in a conference room bring a sense of realism that is similar to being there. The reason most people travel for business is to enable ad hoc decision making. Telepresence carries that type of ad hoc decision making forward into the world of virtual meetings.

High quality images and sound, simplicity and tightly integrated service elements enable high quality ad hoc decision making. These features enable users to work productively without experiencing communication fatigue. They can work for longer hours due to the natural feel of the solution. As a result, a large number of existing trials have turned into production environments for telepresence. Users have increased the deployment of telepresence solution across their departmental regions, providing a global reach in many cases.

Markets for Telepresence at $ million in 2008 are anticipated to reach $32.7 million autos shipped by 2015, growing in response to demand for a renewable energy powered vehicle that lowers the total cost of ownership by a significant amount. Lithium-ion batteries used in cell phones and PCs, and in cordless power tools are proving the technology to power Telepresencevehicles. Early Telepresencevehicles are being used as city cars, proving the feasibility of Telepresencecars. Think in Norway has a viable manufacturing operation and 1,000 cars on the road. The large emerging markets are for hybrid and Telepresencevehicles powered by renewable energy systems.

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