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Fortine, MT (PressExposure) July 14, 2009 -- Enagic's flagship product is the SD501 Leveluk water ionizer with a full (renewable) bumper-to-bumper five year warranty. The SD501 is highly recommended for home use AND as a reliable and dependable commercial work horse. [http://www.shopkangenwater.com/product.html#sd501]

***$3980.00 ***5 year warranty (renewable after 5 years; built to work HARD for 15-20 years; repair for $800 and the 5 year warranty is reinstated) ***7 large solid titanium plates dipped twice in medical grade platinum (no mesh plates, no spray on platinum) This is the strongest electrolysis chamber available in the world. ***Filtering system removes chlorine, harmful chemicals, bacteria (KDF filters also available ($168.00) to remove rust, trihalomethanes, lead, hydrogen sulfide, iron, barium, cadmium, chromium, arsenic, fluoride, and nitrates) Enagic uses 3-layered high grade filters that purify the water and make delicious drinking water! Your machine will let you know when it’s time to change the filter. ($120.00 about two times a year, to replace the high grade filter. $90.00 for regular filter) ***Produces 5 types of water [Kangen Water (8.5pH, 9.0pH, 9.5pH for drinking), Clean Water (neutral 7.0pH for taking meds), Acidic Water (5.5pH for skin beauty), Strong Acidic Water (2.5pH for sanitizing, killing e.Coli, anthrax spores, MRSA, staph and strep, salmonella, gangrene, mold, fungus, aphids, skin problems, infections of ears or nose or throat or eyes), Strong Alkaline Water (11.5pH for de-greasing, cleaning household and shop, removing ALL pesticides from food) ***230 watts, AC 120V, 60Hz (grounded) Greatest wattage used of any water ionizer available. The combination of greater plate surface area and higher wattage combine to make the Leveluk SD501 the most powerful water ionizer. Power source is a transformer. Our machines will not overheat. ***Fast flow rate 2 gallons/minute ***Self cleaning cycle, automatic; and your first cleaning cartridge comes with purchase ***Large LCD panel ***Voice prompts for each type of water and power switch and cleaning cycles ***1 high-grade filter, 1 cleaning cartridge (use about every 3,000 gallons), electrolysis enhancer fluid, hook-ups for your sink, product literature, instructional DVD ***Recommended by doctors and health practitioners. Your Leveluk SD501 is the recommended choice for those with severe or chronic health problems because of its ability to produce ionized water with a greater negative ORP range. The pH and ORP outputs will vary based on source water with any water ionizer, but the SD501 has the power and the plates to out perform them all. ***Approved as a medical device in Japan. This unit has been approved as a Medical Device by the Japanese Ministry of Labor and Welfare. The medical device number is: #21600BZZ00376000 >>>>>>>>>>>>

The SD501U under the counter model is the newest edition by Enagic! Enjoy the benefits of ionized water right at your kitchen sink without sacrificing valuable counter space. It’s simple to operate with the fully featured wall-mounted LCD control panel.

***$4980.00 ***Get the same attributes and 5 year bumper-to-bumper warranty as the SD501 ***Hidden away from view, under your sink. ***Approved as a medical device in Japan. This unit has been approved as a Medical Device by the Japanese Ministry of Labor and Welfare. The medical device number is: #21600BZZ00376000 ***Excellent addition to new constructions, spec homes, subdivision developments >>>>>>>>>>>>

Imagine… water that is so amazing, so specific to a variety of uses and so very convenient! Surprisingly economical to produce, yet fulfills 100% of your most critical needs. You get high value water for each specific use in your modern day lifestyle.

*Ionized alkaline drinking water (kangen water) 8.5 pH - 9.0 pH - 9.5 pH *Hot drinks like coffee, tea, toddies (tastes good, extends brew) *Alcoholic mixed drinks (prevents hangovers) tastes good *Cooking Water for pasta 5.5 pH *Cooking Water for all foods 8.5 pH - 9.5 pH *Beauty Water and Bathing Water, acidic, astringent toner 5.5pH *Disinfectant Water (kills MRSA, anthrax spores, bacteria, viruses) 2.5 pH *Strong Alkaline Water (degreaser, removes pesticides/herbicides) 11.5 pH *Medical Water (doctors prescribe ionized kangen water in place of anti-depressants) *Healing Waters (for staph infections and open sores, wounds) 11.5 pH and 2.5 pH *Pet and Farm Animal and Zoo Animal Drinking Water 8.5 pH *Animal Bathing Water 5.5 pH *Flower Conditioning Water 5.5 pH *Plant Fertilizing Water *Greenhouse Water *Anti-fungal/anti-mold Water for plants *Many More Uses...

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