End-Of-World Author Kyle Dane Re-Launches Website

Cotati, California (PressExposure) April 25, 2013 -- San Francisco Bay Area-based author Kyle Dane has announced the re-launch of his website, http://www.kyledane.com. The new website has been geared around the End-of-World aspect of Kyle's novel, Fortress Beverly Hills and the survivalist community that has embraced the first-time author. The site delves into the different apocalyptic visions that "preppers" are preparing for and discusses the strategies that the three main characters in Mr. Dane's science fiction novel use to survive an End-of-World collapse.

"When I wrote the book, I had no idea there was a community of preppers and survivalists who were getting ready for what they call 'TEOTWAWKI' (the end of the world as we know it)," Kyle explained. "It turns out that this community has been the best audience for my survival story and I want to give something back through my website."

Mr. Dane completed his science fiction novel Fortress Beverly Hills in 2009, but its seeds go back quite a bit further. "I was living in Los Angeles in 1992 during the riots (following the Rodney King verdict). I felt fear and confusion as one of the world's largest cities descend into chaos for two days," Kyle said recently. "The idea of our society descending into long-lasting collapse with only the slightest provocation has stuck with me ever since."

Mr. Dane did his own small-scale version of prepping for an End of World scenario in 1999. "I was working in San Francisco at the time, but we holed up at my in-laws' house well outside the city with extra food and supplies that New Year's weekend. No one knew what was going to go wrong." As it turned out, nothing serious did go wrong, but several events since then have convinced Kyle that the end of the world as we know it is not a far-fetched possibility. "Whether it's the World Trade Center, Hurricane Katrina or Sandy or the Japanese Tsunami, something major is going to go wrong, and you'd better prepare to survive."

Find out more about Kyle Dane, Fortress Beverly Hills and join the End-of-World Survival discussion by visiting http://www.kyledane.com

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Visit http://www.KyleDane.com to learn more about Sonoma County, California author and blogger Kyle Dane. Kyle wrote Fortress Beverly Hills in his spare time, completing the book in 2009. He also works on no fewer than four blogs, including his genealogy and family history blog: http://danegenealogy.blogspot.com. He also has two children and works in the mortgage business. Contact Kyle at 707-364-0200 or Kyle.Dane@gmail.com

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