Endless Rise Unveils SEO Reseller Automated Quality Control System

Rincon, RI (PressExposure) October 14, 2009 -- October 3rd, 2009 Endless Rise releases its ground breaking Meta-Flow quality control system. This system provides quality analysis and reliability to the campaigns of SEO resellers by frequently evaluating the status of the end client’s website with respect to several important SEO metrics. This system will allow common problems that occur to be quickly identified and will send out an alert to the work team or the SEO reseller if necessary. The Meta-Flow quality control system will also be able to roll web pages back to previous document states if necessary.

By developing intelligent monitoring tools along with distributed version control systems, Endless Rise is working to make managing campaigns error free. Workers no longer need to go in by hand and verify meta tags and content anymore because they can go in and produce verbose reports demonstrating compliance for every document on an end clients website with the touch of a button. Supported metrics include search engine ranking, keyword densities, meta/title/body tags, content length, document quality, backlinks and others.

Nathan Rice, Endless Rise Chief Technical Officer, was interviewed briefly about the commencement of this development project stating, “We are extremely happy with the high level of quality and rapid turnaround we are able to provide our SEO reseller [http://www.endlessrise.com/resell-seo-services-how-it-works.html] with this system. The concept of using automated testing with clearly defined metrics is new in high end business and engineering projects, and by providing a top notch implementation of these best practices we can offer service on another level entirely."

The system is currently in beta and available on a limited basis to selected SEO resellers, however Endless Rise has indicated that they plan on making the beta public in the near future. Nathan Rice indicated that he expects the Meta-Flow quality control system to be finalized by Q1 2010. The system will include an automated update history and the ability to revert web pages to previous states if necessary*. He also noted that the system would handle configuration and verification of all common elements of campaign management in the near future.

For more information about Endless Rise visit http://www.endlessrise.com or become a SEO reseller today by calling 323.203.0217

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