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Gastonia, North Carolina (PressExposure) May 31, 2011 -- Energy Savers understands what it means to be energy efficient. The biggest buzz lately has been becoming more energy efficient, not only in the work place but in the home as well. While some companies are offering energy audits, tips and tricks to be more energy efficient they fail to evaluate every system of a home/ business that will add to greater energy savings.

Owner Travis Whitesides is committed to providing a great service to home owners. Travis has been working in home improvement since 2002. He is constantly working on getting more licenses and certifications that will help him provide better service during an energy audit.

With summer just around the corner there are many areas a home's energy efficiency can be improved and Energy Savers can show you how. Insulation, radiant barriers, and air leaks can all be costing a homeowner money.

Even in newer homes the insulation maybe putting a home in a position where it is losing money on energy. By letting Energy Savers assess the situation, they can replace insulation that is costing a home money. Rock wool, fiberglass and slag wool are all good options when it comes to replacing insulation, and the best thing is that they are cost efficient and will put a home on track to save money and energy.

Heat gain during the summer can be a large energy consumer in a home if not treated properly. Energy Savers can install a radiant barrier that will help reflect the heat from the sun away, keeping a home cooler. Since the heat is not being absorbed into the home, the air-conditioning system will not have to run as often. Thus, a home's energy cost lessens and the owner is paying less on his bills.

Air leaks around a home can cause a drafty home, and with the drafts a home is wasting energy. Energy Savers provides a service that will block these drafts and make a home more air tight. Just an 1/8th of an inch leak is equivalent to that of a half open window. Therefore, a home is less comfortable and less energy efficient.

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