Enlightened Journey Enterprises Joins Forces With Passport To Wealth

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (PressExposure) June 13, 2008 -- "With so many home based business opportunities being touted as "the best" in today's online world as well as those involved in other opportunities choosing to downgrade and sway home based business seekers from engaging in credible programs in an attempt to promote their chosen systems as the only legitimate way to make money online, it can at times prove confusing as well as difficult for the novice home based business seeker to discern the legitimate home based business opportunities from the "not so legitimate" says Enlightened Journey founder Chuck Danes in a recent interview."

"Although there do exist numerous credible and effective home based business opportunities in the world today, it has been our experience that few effectively address or are designed for the mass majority in the quickly emerging direct selling market.

"Our choice to team up with the direct marketing firm, Passport To Wealth was due in part to it's unique structure and easy to implement systems combined with the predominantly automated approach that it offers to home based business seekers who have little to no understanding as to how or where to begin with regard to starting a home based business of their own."

"The Passport To Wealth system is designed as a preexisting turnkey online home based business system which provides home based entrepreneurs with a powerfully effective direct marketing leveraging system requiring minimal initial effort and provides an easy to follow step by step set up process."

"More importantly there are few business systems structured in such a way which provides the often needed guidance and support which is essential for the business novice to experience success long term in the quickly emerging home based business arena once that decision is made."

"We chose Passport To Wealth as our direct selling business model of choice because it fulfilled all of those concerns in a way that no other direct marketing company that we researched had."

"It's always been the intent and purpose of Enlightened Journey Enterprises to provide those looking for a more fulfilling and rewarding quality of life with the knowledge as well as the resources and tools for doing do so which I'm happy to say has proven to be not only a very rewarding but an extremely fulfilling undertaking."

"In April of 2005 Enlightened Journey Enterprises launched the personal empowerment portal Abundance-and-Happiness.com which was initially created to provide those seeking deeper understanding as well as specific direction with regard to discovering and fully utilizing their individual potential, with a free personal empowerment resource for discovering their often unrecognized individual power to create and experience harmony in every aspect of life that is all too often unrecognized by the majority in today's world yet is equally available and accessible to all."

"Enlightened Journey provides those who might not otherwise have access to this form of knowledge with 100% free access to our extensive self help and personal empowerment portal enabling them to gain what we believe to be the essential knowledge and understanding as well as providing "tangible tools" and resources for effectively harmonizing and applying the knowledge gained to create and experience harmony in each area of their lives."

"The Abundance-and-Happiness.com portal enables those who might not otherwise be enabled to attain these often times expensive resources, with free access for discovering, recognizing and learning to consciously apply what I believe to be limitless individual potential which is equally available to anyone willing to discover and tap into it, but which far too few are aware is available to them for a number of reasons."

"This form of knowledge which Enlightened Journey Enterprises specializes in, is what I personally believe to be the first and most essential aspect of awareness necessary for enabling individuals to begin consciously creating and experiencing what I like to refer to as "Real Wealth" in the physical world."

"It's my personal belief that this process must begin on the inside, at an internal level and as we've discovered Abundance-and-Happiness.com has proven to be an effective means for reaching and educating individuals around the world to that fact."

"Once this internal work has been initiated however, we believe and teach that it's necessary to harmonize this newly acquired "inner awareness" with physical action that harmonizes with and inevitably produces the "desired" outcome that is unique for each individual.

"As of today, having reached and assisted several million around the world, I believe our original intent of awakening individuals to their "true potential" has been fulfilled and continues to spread as the Abundance-and-Happiness.com message gains further recognition from an ever increasing worldwide audience seeking to discover effective ways for creating more harmony and fulfillment in their lives."

"We chose Passport To Wealth as one of our vehicles of choice for achieving financial harmony with the same intention, purpose and vision that we held when first introducing the Abundance-and-Happiness.com portal to the world.

"When the Abundance-and-Happiness.com portal was first introduced, our primary focus was on initiating and creating the inner change required for producing lasting tangible physical results and since it's inception our focus has expanded to provide and assist those seeking an effective means for harmonizing the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual areas of their lives with credible, proven and practical tools for doing so. Passport To Wealth is one such tool which is designed to assist in achieving that harmony specifically in the financial arena."

"Our choice to join forces and utilize Passport To Wealth as one of our financial vehicles was due to the simplicity and ease of use of the Passport To Wealth system combined with the fact that the easy to understand and apply step by step instruction is provided for those who are seeking to take the entrepreneurial path with minimal risk and upfront cost, yet provides enormous potential for amassing personal financial wealth long term."

"Passport To Wealth does a very good job in guiding those from start to finish who might not otherwise know where to begin in a newly launched home based business venture as well as provides them with proven long term strategies for growing their business well into the future. We found Passport To Wealth to be a system that anyone can initiate quickly and easily regardless of previous marketing or business experience which, as we have since discovered, the mass majority lacks as a result of connecting with and actively communicating with our visitors, and believe to be the number 1 reason why so many hesitate or often choose not to become home based business entrepreneurs all due to unfounded "perceptions" that doing so requires advanced business skills and extensive training.

"That combined with the fact that the Passport To Wealth compensation plan is structured in such a way that pays it's partners 100% of the revenues personally generated which enables those choosing to participate with a very strong foundation for building and amassing financial wealth long term due to leveraging power utilized in it's 2 up direct selling system."

"While admittedly there are those who see the 2 up system as having to "pass up profits", it's due to this type of compensation structure that provides participants with the potential to receive not only long term but substantial residual income streams for efforts performed once."

"Unlike the various MLMs and network marketing opportunities of the past that limited the depth from where profits could be received, the Passport To Wealth system enables profits to be generated into infinity beginning with the very first qualified sale without limitation. It's my personal opinion that this type of system incorporates and utilizes the power of leverage like few other business models available today do."

"In addition, with the quickly emerging direct selling industry becoming recognized as the number 1 home based business of choice due to the convenience and rapidly evolving internet technologies being made available today, we personally believe Passport To Wealth will be unsurpassed in popularity as it continues to gain worldwide recognition as well as provide those choosing to utilize it as their home based business of choice, with not only significant but long term income streams."

"Although Enlightened Journey Enterprises main priority and focus is on creating internal harmony and have never considered ourselves to be nor want to be recognized as business opportunity seekers or internet marketers, we do recognize the need for those who come to and depend on us for direction to be provided credible and effective tools and resources for producing the tangible results they're seeking in the area of financial gain which although only an aspect, is an important and essential aspect of experiencing what we like to refer to as "real wealth" and harmony in today's world."

"Passport To Wealth fulfills the financial aspects of the harmony equation in such a way that enables anyone ranging from the complete novice to the seasoned marketing professional to participate, benefit and equally as important, contribute to the success of others seeking to create monetary wealth in the quickly emerging direct selling industry for themselves and we felt compelled as well as believe it to be important to share that with our audience."

"The direct selling industry is proving to be the business model of choice for the majority of home based business seekers today and it's due to companies like Passport To Wealth which will create long term, rewarding and viable home based business alternatives for the growing numbers seeking to exit the traditional corporate environment."

About Enlightened Journey Enterprises

Enlightened Journey Enterprises is an Oklahoma City based firm focused on providing personal empowerment resources and tangible tools for empowering individuals around the world in achieving and experiencing real wealth in every aspect of their lives physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and spiritually.

Enlightened Journey's personal empowerment portal Abundance-and-Happiness.com has reached and assisted millions around the world with it's inspiring and empowering message of hope and promise while providing specific guidance and direction enabling individuals to experience a brighter, more fulfilled and far greater quality of life.

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