Enlightened Journey Enterprises Launches Free Life Enhancement, Personal Empowerment Resource To Assist Those Who Might Not Otherwise Have The Financial Resources To Acquire It.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (PressExposure) January 13, 2007 -- There's a new resource available for those who are seeking fulfillment and deeper understanding in their lives who due to restrictive financial situations may not otherwise be exposed to or enabled to benefit from such a resource.

Enlightened Journey Enterprises, founded by Chuck Danes, recognized this ever growing need and is now providing this free service to those who might not otherwise be able to acquire the many times costly resources available which would enable them to fully develop in the area of personal growth and self empowerment. Enlightened Journey's recently launched information portal enables any who choose, the opportunity to gain the knowledge necessary that Enlightened Journey claims is a vital aspect of transforming their lives, through this newly launched and freely accessible self empowerment portal.

Enlightened Journey Enterprises has created an extensive life enhancement information portal which provides individuals with an extensive awareness building self empowerment educational resource designed specifically for those who are seeking to improve their quality of life but who might not otherwise be in a financial position to afford the many times costly resources necessary to attain it.

When asked why Enlightened Journey chose to offer this free service and how they as a company could possibly hope to profit from it, the founder of Enlightened Journey, Chuck Danes responded…..

"Abundance-and-Happiness.com was created as a result of my own personal experiences in the growth process. More specifically it was designed with the intent of offering a free resource which would enable people around the world to develop the awareness, gain deeper insight and understanding in regard to their individual potential and ability to improve their overall conditions in life as well as providing specific steps that they can take to make it a reality, without all the costs traditionally associated with doing so.

Up to this point it has been overlooked in the self improvement , personal development industry that those who need this education the most, many times aren't in a financial position initially to acquire the necessary resources that would enable them to achieve it. By providing http://www.Abundance-and-Happiness.com as a primarily free resource, those who might not otherwise currently have the financial resources necessary to obtain this education, which is designed to awaken and enable them to recognize their true individual abilities, and as a result motivate and empower them to enhance their quality of life, are now enabled to do so.

Since it's launch I am happy to say that in a few short months we have successfully reached and assisted well over 190,000 people in 102 countries. It's become obvious to us based on the number of visitors that come to the site as well as the numerous contacts that we receive on a daily basis, that not only is there a definite need for such a service, but as anticipated, we are making a much needed, appreciated and positive impact. That in and of itself is fulfilling.

As far as being a profitable venture, Enlightened Journey Enterprises will grow and flourish simply through it willingness to reach and contribute to so many. Although we do offer self empowerment / personal development products that can be purchased as well, for those who can afford and choose to utilize them, the extensive knowledge base provided as a free service provides an unparalleled opportunity for those who might not otherwise have access to this knowledge the ability to acquire it free of charge. Based on the feedback we've received thus far, the portal has proven to greatly assist in providing new hope as well as increased awareness for those who need it the most with respect to their ability to rise above what "appears" to be inescapable circumstances.

Our company is based on the age old wisdom, 'Give a man a fish you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.' We're giving fishing lessons.

Although I couldn't at this time show you hard figures regarding profitability based on a profit and loss statement, based on a deeper understanding that by assisting enough others to improve their quality of life, and assisting them on such a massive scale, Enlightened Journey Enterprises will ultimately prosper as a result. Precisely how and when that happens is still to be determined. That part isn't up to us, We just know that at some point it will happen."

That's great news for hundreds of thousands around the world. After visiting Enlightened Journey's extensive self empowerment portal, http://www.Abundance-and-Happiness.com, it's obvious that they are making a huge and positive impact in raising the worlds consciousness in relation to life enhancement and obtaining harmony in life on a massive scale. Although an unconventional and uncommon venture in today's business world, Enlightened Journey Enterprises is proving to be a huge hit around the globe for those who might not otherwise be enabled to gain the knowledge as well as the numerous benefits that such a resource provides.

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Chuck Danes - Founder and CEO

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