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Sydney, Australia (PressExposure) January 16, 2012 -- If you are passionate about poker and you want to know everything there is about the best poker rooms, the top players and the newest tournaments' results, then HighstakesDB is the one website you should visit regularly! HighstakesDB provides you with up to date rankings and ratings of not only the best online poker profiles, but also with the top losers. You also have the option of viewing the professional poker player profile that was most clicked in a week. This will enable you to check out why certain players are in the spotlight, if they had oscillating results or if they won at high stakes poker tables. The statistics are available in real time because players are listed as they enter a certain poker table, so there is a high stakes live section available on the website.

Therefore, if you want to find out more about your online poker player profile [http://www.highstakesdb.com/poker-players.aspx?sortby=profiles] or those of your friends or opponents, or if you just want to see how your favourite player is ranking, be sure to visit this section of HighstakesDB. You will be able to learn a lot from their performance or their strategy of choosing different tables, depending on the odds or stakes. For instance, the professional poker player profile includes specific skills, such as the fact that they are able to figure out the pot odds. It is fundamental to have math skills, as a good poker player must turn odds and betting calculus into actual decisions. Moreover, the professional poker player profile combines the concepts of risk and reward. Good, experienced players will only take long shot risks if the recompense is high enough, that is higher than the risk itself. All these characteristics that make up a good poker player are the reason why some names make it to the top of the rankings and some don't. And they are also the reason why people want to inform themselves and read the online poker player profile of certain players, in order to have something to aspire to.

But winning at poker is not limited to just having a better hand than your opponents and HighstakesDB knows that! The website helps its visitors and users to get the best possible value out of every action undertaken on the site. And it does this through exclusive promotions, only here at HighstakesDB!

The exclusive promotions at HighstakesDB enclose money-added tournaments, rake races and points races that only you, the visitor of HighstakesDB, can take advantage of! This way you can be sure to get the most profitable result for your time and money spent at our tables. Rakeback is a term used for the amount of money that you can recover from the charges applied by the poker rooms when you are playing. HighstakesDB can provide you with the most diverse offer of rakeback quotes, that go from an easy twenty-seven percent to almost fifty percent. So don't waste any more time looking on a dozen websites when everything you need is right here, at HighstakesDB!

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Rake costs in poker refer to the costs and fees charged by the poker rooms when players enter their tables. And rakeback is about the amount of money that you can take back from the rake costs. An option would be registering an account on various websites that offer discounts on all poker rake costs., such as HighstakesDB. This account will help the website trace all your actions in poker rooms and all the charges that you pay. This kind of sites have settled agreements with the poker rooms and on that basis they have the ability of returning a part of the costs to the players. Usually rakeback is credited monthly, adding up all the rakes you paid during that month to all poker rooms you entered. The money goes directly into your poker account. The advantage of the rakeback is that the return is constant. The more you play, the more money you can get back. It's also very important to choose the appropriate website. HighstakesDB, for example, offers the widest range of the most competitive rakeback offers and can get you from 27% to 50% money back. Here you can also choose to get paid weekly, not monthly if that suits you better and you can enter several competitions for extra bonuses by means of exclusive rake races. Every one of the HighstakesDB's rakeback or VIP deals assures the best possible value for you so be sure to check them out with regularity!

The most profitable online rakeback rates!

Once you understood the concept of rakeback and promotional deals or offers, the next thing you should focus your attention on is actually getting your money. There are online poker rooms that show the sum of money that was collected from rake overall, but not individually. So you can see the rake value of the pot, but not your own. Your personal contribution is however registered in the poker room back end, because the websites need those reports in order to calculate your and every player's rakeback. This calculus can be done through two methods: the shared method and the contributed one.

The first method, the shared one, takes the entire amount of money collected through rake and it divides it evenly among all players at the table, regardless of their own, personal contribution or whether they stay in the game or not. Let's say for instance that a table is made up of ten players and the total amount of rake money is ten dollars. The shared method accredits each of the players with one dollar in rake, out of which the rakeback will be calculated. The contributed method requires that the players contribute money to the pot, otherwise they won't be assigned rake. Moreover, the rake that a certain player is entitled to depends on the value of his contribution to the pot. For example, if a player contributes with a quarter of the pot, then his attributed rake will also be a quarter of the total amount of rake collected.

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