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London, United Kingdom (PressExposure) September 12, 2009 -- EPOS software has created a comprehensive system for the hospitality and retail industry. Point of sale software solution along with the restaurant POS is excellent in its performance. Epos software has also added membership and e-commerce solutions to improve services and providing an excellent customer satisfaction.

With today’s fast moving technology and over busy people the Epos software saves considerable amount of time. Earlier when you used to visit a restaurant you were booking a table and it was attended by a waiter physically to cater to your order. Then the order was physically carried to the kitchen and brought back to your table. With pos software you use a wireless system and control the guest at a remote location thereby reducing the movement of the waiter, quickening the passing of order to the kitchen and speeding the service of the order in the table. Thereby you save time; the customer has got a fast service and leaves satisfied to visit a second time.

The restaurant pos software caters to small retailer as well as big international chains of restaurants. With its varied portfolio suggestions you can manage your inventory, sales, manpower and control cost. It is very easy to handle and even o novice with slight briefing can handle it efficiently. It helps both the employer and the employee and the task which was looking hard and stressful has become easier with this software. The attraction of restaurant pos software is the employer can customize the program to serve his purpose.

Since epos software have solution to varieties of need, the epos hospitality and membership epos has helped the organizations or enterprises with membership. This software is very essential for gyms and stores which sell specific products to their members. The EPOS has another additional solution for reservations and bookings. This software helps you online and helps you in more than one way. Employers use their drag and drop feature, the customers can book and choose their favorite restaurant and food and also book their rooms online. This very solution makes the task easier for the employer to provide excellent service to their guests.

The biggest concern for any employer is to constantly updating the software as and when he adds or reduces the manpower. This area of management is crucial as well as time consuming. The restaurant software removes this hassle for the employer and clears the backlog in a jiffy and update the employee status. Stock inventory and control is another aspect of epos software. It checks all the non moving items, setting warning level for reducing stocks. The epos software also has the provision to attach remote security cameras to check and have a tab on his employees.

The epos management desires to be known as the best software provider in the field, offering the qualitative service to the consumers as well as customers and lot more by setting up an online support system. It gives an all round support to the employer in the business through the Epos pos. The restaurant pos software (RPS) has a variety of modules covering the entire prerequisite for the retail and the hospitality sector. It also adds web integration of applications required by hotels and e-commerce. It is a premium software package, having incorporated simultaneous solutions for labor management, task management and time management.

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This Company has a well guided expert team comprised of web designers; SW developers and system engineers who have created software which caters to the employer, employees and helps your business grow.

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