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Kitchener, Ontario Canada (PressExposure) February 21, 2011 -- Coming into the first decade of twenty-first century, e-books are becoming a significant mean for book distribution. Its convenience and the low cost feature make it a popular approach for not only traditional publishing houses but also independent self-publishing authors to present their works. As the demand for e-books grows rapidly, the industry feels the need for a globally accepted format and a standard to guide e-book production and distribution so that e-books can easily be delivered on Internet, read by end-users without troubles, and provides rich content and multi-media extendible in the future. Following this need, EPUB became an official standard of the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) in September 2007. Bookmato [http://www.bookmato.com], as a pioneer in e-book industry and a leading platform for indie e-books promotion, adopted EPUB as its core book organization system and extend it to fit Bookmato's unique by chapter in-progress book publishing model.

It has been over thirty years from the introduction of first e-book to now. During this long history, a lot of different e-book formats has been invented and brought to the market. From the plain text format at the very beginning to today's rich-text and multi-media enabled advanced format, many companies tried to invent a format which can lead this industry and become the standard. However, none of them succeeded. The cause of failure is that they all want to hide the implementation details and ask others for money to use their formats. As a result, many publishing houses and authors hesitated to provide electronic version of their books thanks to the mysterious e-book production and conversion procedure and the extra cost to hire professional programmers and purchase professional e-book production software. For instance, mobi, the e-book format used for Amazon Kindle books, has no understandable documentation on Internet and refrained many sources of e-books from using it.

Fortunately EPUB comes out in 2007. As a newly born e-book format, EPUB has several leading features. It is free and open, re-flowable and re-sizable, uses inline raster and vector images, embedded metadata, DRM support, CSS styling, support for alternative renditions in the same file and use of out-of-line and inline XML islands to extend the functionality. Among all of these features, the core is no cost and HTML compatibility. Internet is the major carrier for e-books and e-book distribution. HTML compatibility makes EPUB powered e-books easily readable on all existing computers and Internet enabled mobile devices. Moreover, it provides all web developers painless experience to generate and produce e-books with their existing knowledge of HTML and CSS. Most importantly, it is totally free and open so that authors and developers can readily use it with no cost and modify it to meet their specific needs.

Thanks to EPUB's advantageous features, it has gained countless users in the three years. Major e-book reading device manufactures and e-book reading software produces all adopted EPUB and implemented it on all major platforms such as Stanza on iOS. Manufactures who live with their existing e-book formats in the mean while all provide their users with handy software to convert EPUB e-books to their built-in formats thanks to EPUB's extensibility. As what we can observe today, EPUB is becoming the leading standard in the industry and the trend for electronic book creation is to produce e-books based on EPUB standard and provide other formats afterwards.

Bookmato is a dedicated platform for presentation and promotion of independent books and independent authors on Internet. It advocates the new model, free serialization and in-progress Internet presence build-up for book marketing and book promotion on Internet. Bookmato adopted EPUB format and fully utilized its HTML compatibility and navigation feature to suit Bookmato's by chapter serialization system. This new EPUB powered advanced system is easy to use and best fit indie author's needs for serialization book publication. This system expands the work area of EPUB format, elevate EPUB to a higher level in the industry and help EPUB more widely used on Internet. For details regarding Bookmato and EPUB on Bookmato, one can access [http://www.bookmato.com].

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