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Kirby City, Florida (PressExposure) April 17, 2011 -- The Shipowners Limitation of Liability Act of 1851, ("the Act"), may limit the liability of the owner of a vessel to the value of the vessel. This is a unique maritime principal. The Act limits a vessel owners' liability for claims, arising from acts performed by a ship's crew without the owner's knowledge or privilege, to the owners' interests in the ship.

Meaning the value of the boat or ship and its cargo. If the ship's value is insufficient to satisfy all claims, the Act provides for equitable apportionment among the claimants.

For purposes of the Act, the charterer of any vessel is deemed to be an owner.

The ski boat was going the wrong way on Mission Bay, San Diego, California. The ski boat was not going in a counter-clockwise rotation. The ski boat owner filed a Limitation Action. The Action was defeated because the owner of the vessel was being pulled as a skier and he could see that his friend was not following the proper counter-clockwise rotation on Mission Bay. Litigation discovery reveals months before the sinking, a mechanic had recommended fixing the electrical problem. A 16 year old is operating a personal water craft on the Colorado River, north of Yuma. The PWC clips a teenage girl floating on an inner tube. The teenage girl is seriously injured. The foregoing is not legal advice. I am simplistic in order to achieve clarity. Your situation may differ from those being described in this article. Have you recently been injured? If you have recently been victimized in an accident, such as a slip and fall or a car accident, you might find that you are left struggling with the aftermath. An accident can leave you dealing with serious injuries that can saddle you not only with the current medical expenses, but also future bills, treatment, as well as property damage, the loss of income and compensation for any emotional pain and suffering you have suffered from.

Due to the long reach of their outcome, it is important that every step that can be taken to help move towards a successful outcome are indeed taken with care.

From doctors to insurance companies, they will know people everywhere to help get the case processed as fairly and smoothly as possible. It gives a client extra peace of mind to know that they are working with a good attorney who is liked and respected by so many of the other people they will have to deal with.

A personal injury attorney in San Diego will be able to provide their client with valuable legal advice that they will need to apply outside of the courtroom as well as in. It is not something that anyone should have to go through without the help and guidance of a trained professional. An injury attorney can help victims get the personal injury compensation they deserve so that they can get their lives back on track.

Whenever there is a boating accident with serious injury or death their needs to be a legal analysis performed in order to determine who was at fault. Because, proving fault is the key to successfully prevailing in a boating accident lawsuit.

Many States, have navigational rules. For example, California Harbors and Navigation Code and Arizona Revised Statutes.

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