Eve Introduces The Paris Local Log: Innovation for Visitors Who Want To Live Local

Sea Cliff, NY (PressExposure) July 24, 2012 -- Representing a select group of apartment owners in some of the most desirable neighborhoods in Paris, European Villa Experience, EVE, has introduced a local log at many of its rental locations.The local log is a guide to help visitors understand and enjoy the neighborhood they are staying in just as their Parisian next door neighbor does.

Says EVE co-founder, Ron Katz, "Paris is an enormously complex place.Nobody is going to figure it out in a week or two. Many people know the general area where they want to stay, but then they are often overwhelmed by the depth, richness, and complexity of the even a few square blocks around their apartment."Recognizing that its Paris rental apartment guests want to get the most out of their visits,EVE has developed the EVE Local Log to help visitor easily navigate and understand what their local neighborhood offers.

EVE President Jules Kragen came up with the idea when a guest at one of EVE's properties called him from Paris saying, "I love the Paris apartment I am renting, and I know how to find the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre.My problem is there is so much right outside my door - how do I know which way to turn?" Kragen's response was to immediately begin developing a Local Log for EVE rental apartments in Paris.

He got the idea for a log from the traditional captain's logs which have been used for centuries.While he is the first to acknowledge that being in Paris has very little in common with being at sea, he notes that the log is more about recording important details and observations on a journey."I have spent thousands of hours walking the streets and footpaths of the neighborhoods in which we offer Paris rental apartments," says Kragen. "I constantly ask myself, if I had only one week to be here, what would be important to me?" The answer appears in logs which are unique to the rental apartments that EVE offers its guests. "And not to be coy," adds Kragen, "but there is some very good information in these logs - we don't publish it on line, update it constantly, and offer it exclusively to our visitors. The last thing I want, or the owner wants, is to see his quiet 200 year old local establishment turned into a major tourist destination." EVE co-founder Katz adds, "Paris is one of the few places left in the world were not everything is for sale.In another city we would be doing them a favor by creating publicity, here people value their café's, bakeries, chocolatiers no less than they value the art in their great museums.We are happy to let our visitors in on local secrets - in small numbers they are welcome guests at these places."

Kragen started his local logs with the EVE property, Yellow Flat in the 7th Arrondissement.The response from guests was overwhelmingly positive. The consensus was that people were able to quickly get their bearings, identify which fromagerie, which boulangerie, which wine merchant, which parks and museums, and what other local opportunities were most important to them.Said one happy guest, "I have one week, as much as I would like to, I can't sample 30 baguettes.I saw a small artisanal boulangerie in the local log, it looked amazing and it was."

EVE is developing local logs for all of its Paris rental properties and expects to have them in place by the end of 2012.

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