Even The World Bank Have Expressed Its Great Fear At The Dwindling Economy, Stating That Developing Countries Are Bearing The Greater Weight Of This Downfall

Melbourne, Australia (PressExposure) July 03, 2009 -- Any person that wishes to increase their net worth through real estate knows that the current economy would say otherwise. But with the constant rise in tourists in Pattaya and its increasing economy, this may be the only area in the whole world which can give you the chance to do so. But before packing your bags and investing your money, you should first consider a lot of things, and one is getting the help of buyrealestateat.com.

Many people would think that this is probably the worst time to spend money, or maybe even invest it. Numerous investing companies would recommend that a person should diversify their funds, this is true, but it is also essential that one should invest in the proper investments. Many companies are folding up today so stocks may not be a viable option. Real estate is also at an all time low.

Even the World Bank have expressed its great fear at the dwindling economy, stating that developing countries are bearing the greater weight of this downfall.

"The global economy is likely to shrink this year for the first time since World War II," the bank said, noting that global industrial production, by the middle of 2009, could be as much as 15% lower than in 2008.

But, in Pattaya, Thailand, the opposite is happening. It's as if it's not part of the world economy. It is regarded by many real estate experts and tour operators as the most liveable city in Thailand with a startling annual increase of tourist influx. This is highly proven with the great number of shopping centrals opening up in Pattaya to cater to the demands of not only the tourists, but those who, even from other countries, have chosen to call Pattaya their home.

This invasion of tourists and new settlers has caused a great demand for real estate which has also dramatically increased its prices. Experts have forecasted that in the near future, a considerable increase of about 200 to as high as 500 percent.

This report have also caught the attention of eagle-eyed investors causing the boom in not only residential homes, condos, apartments, and resorts, but also in buildings where tenants can be brought in to sell their merchandise. Not only are small players considered, but with big companies opening in Pattaya, it is expected also that luxury subdivisions can be expected to rise up and further boost real estate prices even from outside the center of the city. This has further strengthened the economy in Pattaya.

Experts have also calculated that if anyone buys within this year, they could expect a rent return of 8 to 10 percent, that is if they won't use their property themselves.

Pattaya is one of Thailand's biggest well known secret. But simply going to Pattaya and buying a lot without any knowledge will surely provide you with a 100 percent lost investment. It would still be best to make your research first. Learn your numbers and be prepared with what to expect. This is where buyreaestateat.com will help you.

With their vast experience in real estate, you will have the assurance that your investment is well protected and you can look forward to a brighter future. Consulting them today, free from any obligations, will help you start a stronger and wealthier investment portfolio.

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