Evil Eye Jewelry To Avoid Bad Luck

Brooklyn, NY (PressExposure) October 01, 2009 -- In this day and time with the tight economy and when it seems things are going wrong at every turn a lot of people are looking for something they can do to lessen the 'bad luck' that seems to be everywhere.

This has brought back a jewelry style that has been around for many years – evil eye jewelry.

While many people think they need to wear a good luck charm pendant, or perhaps a matching set of sterling silver good luck pendants and sterling silver good luck bracelets, the truth is that instead of good luck charms, the evil eye jewelry line is coming back as a way to deflect the bad luck, not just bring good luck.

The history of evil eye jewelry is a little different than what you would expect for something that many people think is a good luck charm pendant. The evil eye is thought to be something that can actually cause a curse. It is the 'evil eye' that can be used on a person to cause bad luck or even put a curse on them according to history. In some cases this is more than just a piece of jewelry, but literally a look that can be given that has this meaning.

So, you may be wondering why people would think wearing an evil eye would be a good luck charm pendant? Wouldn't even the nicest sterling silver good luck pendants and sterling silver good luck bracelets be tainted as soon as you put an evil eye on them? Not necessarily.

Instead of an evil eye good luck charm pendant being a bad thing, many cultures believe one being worn as a jewelry piece can actually have the counter effect. So, for example, if you have sterling silver good luck charm pendants or sterling silver good luck bracelets with evil eyes on them, that could be actually a way to ward off the effect of the evil eye. Since you are in possession of the eye, other eyes are not able to impact you as you can give the look right back.

In one way you may look at this as a 'being as well armed as your enemy' effect. While they may have an evil eye that could curse you, so do you and you could get them back, so they better keep moving.

While there is no scientific proof that curses can be caused by an evil eye pendant or any other good luck charm pendant for that matter, many people do believe in these talismans. Others may not be sure whether or not they believe them but take a 'just in case' approach. Their logic is that while there may not be anything behind these talismans, it is better that they have sterling silver good luck pendants or sterling silver good luck bracelets, just in case, so they are covered if there is anything to it.

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