Ex-Accountant Darren Reddy Found ActionCOACH to Be a Better Fit For Him

Las Vegas, Nevada (PressExposure) September 03, 2008 -- For ActionCOACH Darren Reddy, accounting was a fantastic way to learn about how a business should run and how the numbers reflect every decision made in the business.

“I didn’t like the number crunching but enjoyed interpreting the outcomes and making decisions based on the figures,” he said.

This led him to rethink his career choice. As an accountant, he had a lucrative career but found it to be unfulfilling as he enjoyed looking at numbers and providing advice, but was tired of doing the detailed work.

“I wanted to see if I could run my own business instead of being an employee,” he said. “The accounting background is an excellent basis for being a Business Coach as you have a detailed understanding of what can be an effective business – this only applies to management accountants in industry as I don’t believe a lot of tax or private practice accountants have enough practical knowledge of industry.”

Reddy believes the major difference between these two roles revolves around the manner in which one deals with people.

“I had to change my mind-set to lead people and become a mentor rather than someone involved in producing reports,” he said. “As a Business Coach, my aim is to produce results, not reports.”

Being a Business Coach with ActionCOACH- the number one business coaching firm in the world has been a great learning process for Reddy. This role has come with its set of challenges.

“Becoming an ActionCOACH, has moved me out of my comfort zone and has introduced me to many new concepts - opening my mind to the impact of vision and goals,” he said.

ActionCOACH Business Coaches go through world-class training and provide their clients with proven systems, tools, strategies and methods for success. Reddy feels that this is a new chapter in his life – one that has not only the potential of impacting people positively, but one that allows him to have more control over his own destiny at the same time.

Many of Reddy’s clients take comfort in the fact that he is also a qualified accountant with diverse knowledge in marketing, team building, sales, advertising and franchising – to name a few.

“I have been able to gain enormous knowledge through ActionCOACH’s world-class training, books, and other tools,” he said. “I have had to develop presentation skills as well as communication, marketing, leadership and people skills to become more effective and powerful in my new role as an ActionCOACH.”

Reddy is highly motivated to be an effective Business Coach – one who is able to bring results for all his clients.

“I want to be the most respected Business Coach in Australia; based on not the number of clients I have but on the best results and quality of advice I give my clients,” he said.

Reddy finds being an ActionCOACH to be more fulfilling, and as having many advantages over his previous career, in which he was an accountant.

“As a Business Coach, you can make an impact on the people and business performance whilst most accountants simply report the past and don’t impact the future,” he said.

Reddy believes that these two roles can often coincide.

“This can happen in instances where your clients don’t understand their figures in the business so you are able to give them good, practical advice in financial terms which further builds your credibility,” he said. “As an ex-accountant, I can make a decision immediately instead of needing to wait and get their accountant involved. However, I never give in-depth financial advice; instead I teach them general principles, which in most cases is enough for them.”

While Reddy believes that in order to survive in today’s economic climate, it is even more important to have an ActionCOACH in addition to an attorney and accountant, he finds getting new clients to be the most challenging aspect.

“Most people need their tax done, even government policy dictates that you must use an accountant; sadly, coaching is not seen in the same light,” he added.

According to a recent survey carried out by ActionCOACH, the leading business coaching firm in the world, one in eight business owners will consider using the services of a Business Coach.

“Today, business owners cannot go it alone; there is a need for a third A in addition to an attorney and an accountant. Having an ActionCOACH is no longer the luxury it used to be- it has become a necessity for businesses all over the world to employ this type of service,” founder and CEO of ActionCOACH Brad Sugars said. Business coaching was still in its infancy when Brad Sugars started ActionCOACH in 1993; today it is the second fastest growing industry next only to IT.

Given these current trends, the day is not far when every business in the world will recognize the importance of having the services of 3As – attorneys, accountants and ActionCOACH Business Coaches.

ActionCOACH is the world’s number one business coaching firm, with more than 1,000 offices in 26 countries. To learn more, go to actioncoach.com.

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ActionCOACH is the world’s number one business coaching franchise. Started by entrepreneur and CEO Brad Sugars in 1993, the company is one of the fastest growing franchises in the world, with more than 1,000 offices in 26 countries. To learn more, go to http://www.actioncoach.com

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