Ex Cleveland Browns Mike Teike Makes Dreams Come Alive

Lawrenceburg, IN (PressExposure) June 30, 2011 -- As a young girl, this writer lived in many different places and dreamed many dreams. I had the opportunity that not most people had as my father's work made it necessary for us to move around to different places every couple of years. It was new and exciting, but at times it was hard having to pick up and start over again in a new place, in a new town. As I have aged, I have settled quite a bit. Staying in one place for a while has it's perks, but the adventure to start anew definitely is an adventure and one this writer is not afraid to explore.

When I was young, I recall a time when we were living in a very small town in West Virginia. At the time it was an isolated little town and not many people and kids were around. I had a lot of alone time, and I remember spending hours sitting on my windowsill, reading about adventures of Knights in Shining Armor, writing stories of adventure and fantasy, telling stories and performing my plays and magic shows to my audience (stuffed animals), singing and dancing on stage (on my windowsill with the microphone attached to that old tape recorder), and dreaming of all the things I wanted to do and who I wanted to be when I grew up. It was a magical time in my life and one I almost forgot, that is until now.

As the years have unraveled, some of the magic of long ago has faded. My writing has turned into promotional material; my singing is in the car on my way to my jobs, magic tricks are to see if I can pull money out of the air to pay my bills, and dreaming? Well yes, I still have dreams, and I am still looking for my knight in shining armor.

So what does that have to do with anything really? Well it is not often that this writer is inspired by someone, but when I came across this story I made the decision to start writing again. It has been years since I had woven the tapestry of words into a fabric that could be read across time and space. It had been a while since I had wanted to share of myself my gift of words so others could find the inspiration they so need to acquire their dream of dreams. Mike Teifke achieved his dream. Let me tell you about this inspirational figure.

The date was October 11, 1987. It was a beautiful, crisp October day at Cleveland Municipal Stadium on the shores of Lake Erie. It wasn't just like any other day. It was special; it had significance. This day was one that would make dreams come true and one that Michael Edward Teifke will cherish as one of his most priceless memories. This was the day that Mike Teifke stepped onto this historic field and played for the Cleveland Browns.

Growing up in Maumee, Ohio, a suburb of Toledo, Ohio, the young Mike Teifke had dreams of playing for the Cleveland Browns. As a kid he watched many famous players play on that field and many make their mark in football history. Championships were won in that stadium and Mike had dreams of following in their footsteps. Players such as Hall of Famers Jim Brown and Lou Groza were an inspiration to him and fueled his pursuits in later years. Now, it was his turn.

As the anticipation mounted, Mike Teifke, wearing #50, began his climb from the historic locker rooms beneath Cleveland Municipal Stadium onto the field. He could feel the energy in the air. The darkness cleared at the end of the tunnel and as he looked to the stands he saw tens of thousands of loyal Browns fans cheering his team to victory. As he ran onto the field with his teammates, he was filled with pure joy and knew that he had made his dream come true. Mike Teifke was finally home.

Mike Teifke had made his dream a reality. May this story help you to make all your dreams come alive. Never lose sight of your goal and never give up. Always strive to achieve all that you can dream.

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