Exercise for Health - Sydney's Top Fitness Trainer Tells Senior Citizens

Sydney, Nsw Australia (PressExposure) June 07, 2011 -- Dan Clay is Sydney's most in-demand fitness expert and weight loss specialist. Clay is also the founder of the ace fitness program Dangerously Fit boot camp training program, which has been successfully delivering results for weight loss and high fitness levels for over nine years in Sydney.

Sharing tips on geriatric health, Clay stresses on exercises for fitness. Exercise is important for people above 65 years of age to stay fit. It is a myth that exercises may not be safe for elders. Senior adults with heart diseases or other conditions such as diabetes, arthritis and high levels of blood pressure can perform exercises; in case of such individuals exercises help decrease the effect of the conditions and builds their ability to cope with them. Consult family doctor before embarking on an exercise regime, advises Clay. Clay's official website http://bootcampsydney.com.au/ explains about Dangerously Fit boot camp program in detail.

Clay suggests starting an exercise regime slow and keeping it on a moderate pace instead of just taking up high intensity exercises at the very outset. He recommends starting with familiar activities such as walking and slowly building up on the pace. Clay suggests including aerobic activities such as walking and biking as well as strength building into an exercise regime. Stretching before exercises and cooling down after an exercise session are equally important, he adds. He also stresses on the need for wearing loose-fitting comfortable garments while exercising.

Exercisers should keep watch for some symptoms though, warns Clay. If they experience pain in the chest region or breathing becomes very difficult during exercise sessions, they should consult a physician.

Clay's Dangerously Fit boot camp program has fitness segments tailored to each individual's fitness levels and needs. The boot camp features both aerobic and strength training exercises to improve body endurance and impart a toned look. Clay has a group of qualified instructors and expert dieticians to guide and help clients reach their fitness goals. Fitness levels of clients are initially evaluated when they join the boot camp and then periodically to assess progress.

The boot camp program is highly affordable when compared to traditional personal training programs and gym memberships, says Clay. There are simple and familiar equipment that participants work on, such as dumbbells, kettle balls and Olympic rings. Dangerously Fit boot camp is not for people expecting to turn lean overnight without working for it, warns Clay. Boot camp participants should attend classes regularly and stick to the nutrition plan to see results, stresses Clay.

About Dangerously Fit

In order to keep exercise sessions interesting and challenging, Clay and his crew keep changing the boot camp exercises regularly. Exercises are carried out outdoors in a beach or park to create a motivating environment for participants. Instructors not only guide participants in exercises but also help them break unhealthy habits detrimental to fitness. With Dangerously Fit, people will lose fat fast, increase their fitness levels and experience a feeling of confidence and general well-being, promises Clay. To learn more about Clay and his boot camp program, visit http://www.personaltrainersydney.com/index.php?page=About_Us.

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