Expert Musician Provides Online Resource To Help Guitar Players Record In The Studio More Effectively

Cary, IL (PressExposure) April 05, 2012 -- Rhapsody Of Fire guitarist Tom Hess has created an online resource for helping guitar players learn the most effective ways to go about recording guitar in the studio.

In Hess's online resource, he lists many recording techniques for guitar players. Among the techniques discussed, he emphasizes the following points:

When recording chords for guitar, Hess says "It is essential for you to make sure that the notes in your chords do not become unstable. The strings of the guitar will vibrate differently based on the way you strike them with your pick. To prevent your finished recording from sounding very poor in quality, you must stay consistent with the way you pick your chords. Pay close attention to this during every single take."

When recording guitar in the studio, songs are often made of many overlapping rhythm and lead parts. For recording more than one guitar part at the same time, Hess says "Each time you record a guitar track it should sound good 'by itself', and should also be perfectly in time with its double tracked version. If you pay close attention to these small details while practicing your recording skills, you will be able to record your parts quickly in the studio and save your band extra money by not paying for as much studio time."

Additionally, Hess discusses an alternative ways to tune the guitar for studio sessions: "Do not tune your guitars perfectly when recording in the studio! Tune them a few cents flat. Sound strange? The reason for this is that when you strike the strings they will raise in pitch from the force of your pick. By tuning slightly flat, your recordings will be perfectly in tune rather than slightly sharp. This is especially important when recording with non string instruments such as keyboard/synthesizer".

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