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Fort Worth, Texas (PressExposure) April 09, 2011 -- T.E.A.M.H.O.P.E. is an acronym for Together Everyone Achieves More Helping Our People Excel.

Why We Exist: Our Mission is to make the opportunity for success available to everyone. For when everyone has the opportunity to succeed we all reach new heights.

Our Vision: A world where everyone is successful and there is no need for government or community assistance. Everyone paying taxes, spending money, enriching the economy, paying their own way, and making sure there is no one left behind. There would be an online Newsletter anyone could subscribe to. The cost would be around ten dollars a month. The funds would go to help people unable to do this on their own.

T.E.A.M.H.O.P.E. VALUES: How We Act: With respect, integrity, compassion, and excellence, helping and caring for others. Constantly searching for individuals and groups not making it and bringing them on board. Working with them until they are successful and helping others attain success. What would this do for our economy? More time for family, friends, personal interest, to vacation and get to really know our world and the individuals that make it up..

How We Live Our Mission, Vision and Values: T.E.A.M.H.O.P.E. PROMISE: Individuals helping individuals together.

What does this mean? To me it means "One On One Assistance", but always with the help, backing and support of the T.E.A.M.H.O.P.E. COMMUNITY. In other words the true meaning of being in business for yourself and not at all by yourself; for in the community there is always someone to talk to, to hang out with and to bring clarity to the present situation.

Now before you get all negative and say this is pie in the sky and really not attainable, let us brainstorm as to How This is Possible? Just think of the paradigm shift that would take place the next time your child ask for something and instead of, "We can't afford it" you would say, "that sounds great, but we need to figure out a way we can afford it". You have not said no. You have given them a task to accomplish if they really want the item and that's what I am doing here. Giving you a task to imagine a community, a city, even a world where everybody is successful, and so what if we only achieve partial success. That would mean a number of people would have become successful and are now empowered to help others.

The worst tragedy is to see a problem you are passionate to solve and not try at all to solve it. Especially when you feel you have a plan that you feel may really work. Not just put a band-aid on it and kick the problem down the street, but solve it, or at least alleviate it greatly. The greatest tragedy would be not to try at all.

All I am asking here is that you keep in touch and check back often to see how we are doing. Enjoy the jokes, the quotes, the moneymaking and money saving sites and offers we have found. Keep an open mind and watch our community grow and prosper... Remember anything is possible and "If you think you can or you think you can't you are right". So please suspend your thinking and just observe or join us and prosper.

About T.E.A.M.H.O.P.E.

To enjoy our jokes, quotes, moneymaking and money saving offers, to follow our progress, to meet J B, "The Cat in The Red Hat", go to: "http://teamhope.ws" and please leave a comment. Thank you.

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