Extreme Rewards/Enviromax Plus Announces New Compensation Plan

Wyoming, Michigan (PressExposure) August 04, 2008 -- ARE YOU READY? - Extreme Rewards is making waves and I believe this fall will be the biggest influx of new Members the company has ever seen. "Are you ready" to take your fair share of the oil companies massive profits by showing everyone you know how they can fight back?

INTEGRETY - Mark Seyforth and his team at Extreme Rewards have delivered what they have promised. The product works, it is delivered on time and the company is always improving in the areas that we need the most work.

THE BINARY - Are you ready to make some SERIOUS money? Over the past 7 months the company has accumulated data...... examined that data...... and found that the best way to reward the Members doing the work at Extreme Rewards would be to make one more tweak to the compensation plan, that tweak is to go to a full binary plan. The Binary will take effect on September 1st so it's time to get busy!

The Binary has no minimum sponsorship qualifications, one personally sponsored Member right and one left and you are qualified to unlimited depth, and remember you only need 1/3 of the volume in your shorter side to earn a check and the volume holds until you reach that 1/3. Your volume doesn't go away at the end of the month; it simply waits for you to cash it in. There is no need for an extra infinity bonus because it's built into the Binary, so if you're a serious builder, the sky is the limit. And when you add the matching bonus it really gets exciting. Sponsor 5 with two you qualify for a 20% matching bonus on your personally enrolled Members Binary Rewards. And when you sponsor 15 with two you qualify for a 40% Matching bonus and a $500.00 per month car check! Enroll 25 with 2 and receive the $2000.00 per month home bonus on top of your Binary Rewards and your Matching bonus.

Here is why the Binary is working for so many companies in this Industry, you don't have to be a "superstar" to make some money, but you do have to do some of the work. Because the Binary is a two sided system it encourages spillover, so even if you're not a huge builder, you might just get some help from above and certainly below. If you are a builder, you can help your folks by placing other people below them and create a situation where they only need to build one leg. I love this system and it will reward you for your efforts! This change will make it easier to explain our plan, and in my opinion, simple is good!

The game is now ON! All Monthly Autoship, Retail and Commercial order volume will flow through the binary and as a result almost everyone that is actively building their Extreme Rewards business will see their income increase. If you haven't been real active and have been receiving a Monthly check off the efforts of some other hard working folks below you, you might see a drop, but that drop will be short-lived if you get to work. The drawback to a binary is that they can grow very fast (great for the Members) and that can put a strain on the company with growth challenges, but this company is READY!

THE PROMOTION - To Reward you even further for taking action now, the company is adding 100 Rewards Volume to every Family Member order form August 5th through August 30th , now you'll receive the usual $75.00 personal Rewards but instead of 200 Reward Volume you'll receive 300 for every Family Member! It's time to get your people in place when the Binary is implemented and be ready to Rock and Roll when the new movie is launched. This promotion works for everyone that takes action, it's not just for the superstars.

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