FAVORED, Inc. Comments on Traceability, Food Safety and Bio-Terrorism

West Lafayette, IN (PressExposure) November 06, 2006 -- Traceability systems draw upon established storage practices found on selected, well-run farms. These practices and their related identity preservation record keeping have long been the basis for the trust and integrity for which the U.S. farming community is known. When we couple these with FAVORED's® data management capabilities, it becomes possible to track the flow of a given product and its attributes through the entire supply chain. To this end, policymakers in many countries are now considering the value of making such traceability mandatory.

Indeed, Dr. Page noted, the patent pending FAVORED®, identity preservation technology, system and business method is based upon recognition of the value of such a system.

Dr. David Sanders, a candidate for the office of U.S. Representative for the 4th Congressional District in the State of Indiana, addressed bioterrorism and more specifically, agricultural terrorism, in a recent campaign speaking engagement. Dr. Sanders believes that Congress and the various federal regulatory agencies should act to further efforts within the agricultural community to:

-- Prevent the entry of biological agents and terrorists into the

-- Develop counter pathogen expertise and crops and animals that are

resistant to pathogens.
-- Increase crop diversity in terms of strains and species as a barrier

to the successful spread of an agricultural bio-terrorism agent.

In this regard, Dr. Sanders believes Indiana is uniquely positioned to take the lead in these efforts based upon its extensive agricultural base and the expertise of the Purdue University faculty in homeland security, along with agricultural economics, genomics, pathogens and outreach.

Dr. Page commented on the above, saying the FAVORED® system is designed to give consumers a clear choice by offering people safe, identity preserved food products. "We believe in the good judgment of the consumers within our targeted market. We believe they are educated, discriminating and more than capable of making appropriate choices when offered an array of food products. At FAVORED®, we believe in empowering our consumers by offering clear product choices rather than legislating their selections."

Dr. Page continued, "Our FAVORED® system embraces this, drawing on the traditional farm storage practices mentioned above, then adding careful monitoring and auditing practices of storage along with extensive testing to insure the genetic purity of our stored grains. A positive result of the FAVORED® system is the development of an "on the farm" grain storage system. This allows releasing of these grains to the market in a closed loop system. It also will assist in reducing current cross contamination risks and is, indeed, the solution."

"Under the FAVORED® system, we can return to storing grain on the individual, independently owned farms, rather than consolidating into a few locations, thus significantly diminishing the risk of broad-based contamination of stored grains and its inherent risks," Page concluded.

"FAVORED® Inc. will continue to offer ongoing releases about these issues as they relate to public food safety".

FAVORED's® System

The FAVORED® System is an identity preserved supply matrix that first defines genetic attributes that are nutritionally beneficial, then naturally articulates these traits through its seeds, grains, feed rations and animals. In the FAVORED® system, therefore, the traditional barriers between agriculture and industry are eliminated. This allows FAVORED® to preserve the integrity of its genetics from the seed farm to the plate.

About Dr. David Sanders

A graduate of Yale University and the University of California at Berkeley, Dr. Sanders conducted research at UCSF and the Whitehead Institute (affiliated with M.I.T.) before joining the Department of Biological Sciences at Purdue University where he is now an Associate Professor.

About FAVORED® Inc.

The all-natural FAVORED® System delivers food products that carry the assurance of being completely traceable from origin to consumer (from "seed to plate"). Its patent pending system focuses on those attributes that today's consumers desire; products free from growth hormones and antibiotics and produced with only non-genetically modified feed rations.

FAVORED® Inc., therefore, participates in a market segment that includes but is not limited to approximately 33% of the U.S. population. In fact, sales to consumers who demand natural/organic foods now exceed U.S. $30 billion each year.

For more information about FAVORED® Inc., please visit us at: [http://www.favoredgrain.com] and http://www.favored.tv.

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