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Surrey, British Columbia Canada (PressExposure) February 17, 2011 -- On 8th February market leader in the Canada pharmacy business reported that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a new pacemaker which is safe for MRI scans, from Medtronic. The new device has been named the Revo MRI™ SureScan®. This is the only pacemaker device in America that has been designed for the purpose of using during an MRI scan (a heart scan). It has also been approved as MR conditional, which means that it can be used only in conjunction with some MRI scanning machines with particular settings and only when the SureScan device is put onto its MRI function.

What Is A Pacemaker?

Canada pharmacy online says that pacemaker devices are fitted if a patient's heart has an irregular heartbeat or if the heart beats too quickly or slowly. It is usually fitted surgically in the chest or sometimes in the abdomen with leads which are connected to the heart. The pacemaker then sends electrical signals to the heart which aids it in regulating heartbeat. The devices can also record the activity in the heart and the rhythm of the heart which allows doctors to monitor the patient's situation. More modern devices can even track the temperature of the blood as well as the breathing speed, and other pointers. They can also adjust the patient's heart rate depending on the activity being undertaken.

Issues with Existing Pacemakers

Until the release of the SureScan MRI safe pacemaker, patients who have a pacemaker device have been unable to undergo MRI scans because there is a risk of complications that can happen during the MRI scan. A MRI scanner's magnetism is 30,000 times stronger than the magnetic pull of the planet! Of course, this can interfere with the pacemaker and can cause severe damage to the parts of the pacemaker. It can also lead to tissue damage in the patient. For this reason, thousands of patients annually cannot have an MRI scan done. This is dangerous because such scans are imperative for the diagnosis of many heart diseases and conditions, and being unable to have an MRI scan can be extremely dangerous as often these illnesses may go undetected, say the popular online pharmacy from Canada.

The new SureScan was designed to deal with the needs of patients to enable MRI scans. As our population grows older so does requirement for the pacemaker. This new design will enable those people to benefit from MRI scans. The online Canada pharmacy believe that the new pacemaker will significantly improve the health of older patients with a pacemaker as they will be able to diagnose health problems more quickly by being able to have MRI scans.

The New Medtronic Revo SureScan MRI Pacemaker

The online Canada pharmacy leader confirms that the new MRI pacemaker system includes hardware improvements and leads that are designed to remove many of the dangers risked by the MRI scan. The FDA recommends that radiologists and cardiologists using the new Revo MRI pacemaker system get specific training. The Canada pharmacy online provides high quality medical care devices and Canadian drugs at the lowest possible prices.

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