FDA OK's WellnessPro Electrotherapy Device

Phoenix, AZ (PressExposure) April 16, 2008 -- Electro Medical Technologies Announces FDA Clearance of WellnessPro

Designed for relief of pain such as any chronic, arthritic and post-surgical pain, the Wellness Pro Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation device is specifically made for Pain management and health rehabilitation.

The device includes 1000 available Auto Code treatment programs, 1 million frequencies, option to fully program any frequencies, option to fully program any preset codes, 5 wave modalities and many other features that ensure patients receive appropriate electrotherapy treatment specific to their condition and treatment site. This new generation electrotherapy device also includes Deep Pulse™ a unique technology which delivers optimal pain relief via use of endorphin release and gate control pathways.

Today the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that it has granted clearance to market the WellnessPro Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation device.

"Our goal is to help improve the health and welfare of people around the world , by always being on the cutting edge of biomedical technology in the research, design, manufacture, and sale of instruments that alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life", said Matthew Wolfson, CEO Electro Medical Technologies.

Electro Medical Technologies has emerged as a global market leader in non-invasive, non-systemic pain management and physical rehabilitation.

The Wellness Pro® device is designed specifically for the relief of Pain such as any chronic, arthritic, and post-surgical pain. The portable device can be used at home or on-the-go, and integrates site specific, preset treatment programs that make it convenient and easy-to-use. This feature ensures that the patient receives the appropriate electrotherapy treatment, specific to their condition and treatment site.

Electro Medicals Senior Technology Director Dr. Jacob Kaufmann said, "The Wellness Pro® product is the first of Cutting Edge new generation of electrotherapy devices that cannot be compared to any predecessor devices. WellnessPro® has the Largest Frequency Range available, yet is so easy to use that we believe patients will achieve faster results and predictable pain relief than anything on the market today. We believe that healthcare providers will take great comfort in knowing that their patients are getting the most advanced and appropriate electrotherapy treatment for their specific conditions."

Electro Medical, would like to thank our team of scientists, doctors and researchers from the United States and Europe who contributed to creating the Wellness Pro® 2010, combining research from past electro medical pioneers with new breakthrough technologies in this field, allowing many thousands of people to achieve what is most important - Incredible Results!

About Electromedical Technologies

Electro Medical Technologies is a diversified medical device company with many areas of market interest. Electro Medical develops, manufactures and distributes high-quality electrotherapy devices used for rehabilitation, pain management and physical therapy. It also is in the process of developing other cutting edge patented medical technologies in partnership with medical research facilities in Moscow, Russia and Kiev, Ukraine. Electro Medical believes that it is emerging as one of a few medical device companies that offer health care professionals and patients a diverse range of cutting edge products addressing the complete spectrum of pre-operative, post-operative, clinical and home rehabilitation care.

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The Wellness Pro® device is now available and has been released for distribution.

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