FDM or Fused Deposition Modeling and FDM Prototyping

Seattle, Washington (PressExposure) July 13, 2008 -- The Fused Deposition Modeling is a new webpage that was just added to the new FDM Prototyping Information Website that has just been released. This new Fused Deposition Modeling Process webpage has all of the information you need to know on FDM Prototyping and FDM Methods and the main information you need to know on Fused Deposition Modeling. You can visit this Fused Deposition Modeling webpage at: http://www.prototypezone.com/fused-deposition-modeling/

Here is an excerpt from the new Fused Deposition Modeling and FDM Prototyping webpage:

“FDM is also said to be a solid based rapid prototype method which extrudes substances to build a model layer by layer. FDM is also the second most extensively utilized technology of rapid prototyping after SLA or Stereolithography. Actually, a plastic string is being released from a coil and then provides substances to an extrusion syringe. This syringe is then heated to melt the stored plastic it also has a mechanism that allows the flow of the melted plastic to turn on and off when required. This syringe is later mounted to a mechanical phase that can be shifted both in vertical and horizontal directions.

As the syringe is shifted over the desk in the much needed calculations it drops a thin drop of extruded plastic to create a single layer. This plastic later hardens immediately after being squeezed from the syringe and merges to the lower layer. This complete procedure continues within a chamber that is held at a temperature which is below the plastics melting point.”

The new Fused Deposition Modeling Rapid Prototype page is free information to members and non-members and can be found at: http://www.prototypezone.com/. However, users of Prototype Zone who decide to be members can join for free and receive two free E-Books on Rapid Prototyping for a limited time offer. Prototype Zone will be adding new information all the time on Rapid Prototyping so check back often in the forum and blog for the latest information at: http://www.prototypezone.com/prototype-forum/fused-deposition/showcat

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