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Culver City, CA (PressExposure) October 21, 2008 -- FIT Tours Journey To Health understands today's average person's eternally full schedule and long to-do lists that constitutes his or her lifestyle. FIT Tours have come up with a revolutionary fitness travel program that will help you cope and fend yourself from the elements that threaten your health that you encounter everyday.

FIT Tours, aptly stands for Fitness Interest Travel, has extensive fitness programs that everyone who loves to travel, and wishes to start being fit and healthy would love to book for. The destinations alone are inviting. Imagine getting lost in a fitness spa resort at the rainforests of Costa Rica [], wandering around the ancient avenues of Rome, exploring the magnificence of the much-famed Yellowstone National Park, the grandeur of Spain, or take a fitness cruise [] to the historic Mediterranean cities, the Caribbean and Latin America. Wherever you wish to go, FIT Tours guarantee a relaxing and stress-free vacation as it takes you to the most remote environments, away from any distractions.

The company's fitness travel programs are unique and very extensive. Each begins one month prior to your booked date of departure with FIT Tours' Pre-FIT Readiness Program. The Pre-FIT Readiness Program is a structured fitness program designed especially for you to get you ready, excited and motivated for the physical challenges during your trip. This is mainly to help you gain the strength and endurance you will need to cope with the activities on your tour. During this part, a personal health coach evaluates you for a fitness and nutrition plan based on your specific needs. Should you wish to begin your Pre-FIT Readiness Program more than one month before your trip, it can easily be arranged by contacting FIT Tours' health coaches.

Various activities are prepared for you by the FIT Tours staff. The physical activities also vary in difficulty, giving you only what is appropriate for you. Some of the activities include walking, yoga, resistance and functional training, core training, Pilates, indoor cycling and more. FIT Tours, of course, takes you outdoors to the most spectacular environment you can possibly surround yourself in. Adventurous physical challenges such as hiking, kayaking, whitewater rafting and other wildlife tours are offered.

Some people say that you can never truly experience one place without having a taste of the local cuisine. While FIT Tours aims to keep you fit and healthy during your trip, it does not deprive you to experience the mouthwatering dishes in the local menu. As food is essential for every travel experience, it is also one of the most important components of healthy living. The menus offered by FIT Tours are developed by staff nutritionists. They are carefully studied to help you achieve the recommended daily nutritional intake. This is to keep you fueled up for the tour's physical activities and to educate you on balanced meals and portion control.

FIT Tours' fitness travel [] programs do not end after your trip. Life After FIT is a post-tour program that will actively support you for one month by providing nutritional and exercise analyses. This is to keep you motivated on staying healthy and ward you off from going back to your pre-FIT physical state.

There are so many things that we preoccupy ourselves with everyday. There is also quite a long list of things we spend on as we think of them as good investments. As the old saying goes, “Health is Wealth”, booking yourself on one of the programs FIT Tours offers is truly one of the smartest investments as it will guarantee a stronger and healthier you.

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FIT (Fitness Interest Travel) Tours provides you with physical and mental rejuvenation by combining fitness and health programming with exciting worldwide travel.

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