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London, United Kingdom (PressExposure) June 29, 2011 -- Fraxel, the latest resurfacing device to obliterate advancing years, is creating a big stir in the war against ageing and is currently the most popular treatment among the Hollywood A-listers.

'Fraxel is a new approach to non-ablative [non-wounding] laser treatment,' explains specialist Dr Mario Luca Russo. In the past, while lasers could give skin a new lease of life, the downside was that they literally burned off the years. But the Fraxel SR laser is surpassing the older generation of lasers, as Jan Stanek, consultant cosmetic surgeon at Surgical Aesthetics, explains: 'The Fraxel laser improves skin condition by affecting only a fraction of your skin at a time with thousands of microscopic laser spots. Unlike skin rejuvenation treatment using the older type of lasers, the skin isn't left raw.' This 'fractional' treatment allows the skin to heal faster.


Mr Stanek describes the Fraxel SR laser as 'something we've been waiting a long time for'. Based on a series of clinical studies, Fraxel has received US Food and Drug Administration clearances for treatment of acne and surgical scars as well as wrinkles, sun spots, age spots, large skin pores, skin discoloration and an improvement in skin texture.

'Its completely new approach to skin resurfacing allows us to treat other areas that lasers can't touch, such as the neck, chest and hands, with minimal downtime,' says Mr Stanek. The results are amazing.


A typical treatment takes anything from 30 minutes to an hour. After cleansing with a mild scrub cleanser, a blue tint is applied to the skin. A topical anaesthetic ointment is then applied to the treatment area. The blue tint darkens the tiny folds of the skin surface to increase contrast and allow the robotic handpiece of the laser to pick out precisely those areas that need treatment. The laser then glides across the skin, painting - but never touching -the face. After treatment, the blue tint and anaesthetic are washed off.


'In theory, when you have an ablative treatment you may get inflammation from going too deep into the tissue says Dr Russo. 'But because Fraxel is treating 20 per cent shouldn't cause wounding.' However, as with all cosmetic procedures, there's still a risk of scarring, skin lightening and skin darkening if the treatment isn't used efficiently.


Unlike resurfacing treatments using ablative lasers, Fraxel doesn't remove the top layer of skin, which means recovery is faster. However, it's not all 'laser and go'. On visit average it takes up to seven days to heal fully.

After treatment, you'll get a mild sunburn-like sensation for about an hour and the skin will have a pinkish tone for up to a week. These are normal signs that the skin is healing. Flaking will be similar to that caused by mild sunburn.

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