FRONTIERS OF FULFILLMENT is a comprehensive self-study course that thousands of participants have called the best seminar they have ever taken.

Shakopee, MN (PressExposure) July 21, 2006 -- MINNEAPOLIS, July 27, 2006 -- The FULFILLMENT FORUM of Minneapolis, Minnesota, an ebook and seminar publisher at is pleased to announce its powerful new book about Logotherapy by Jard and Roberta DeVille. FRONTIERS OF FULFILLMENT is a comprehensive (105,000 word) book and self-study course that thousands of participants have called the best seminar they have ever taken. They gave it a 3.68 average rating on a four point scale for two decades while the content was being thrashed out in the mud and blood of human existence. The book's subtitle -- How To Live So Satisfying A Life You Shall Want It To Last Forever, describes what it is all about.

Logotherapy is Viktor Frank's term for this psychospiritual approach to the healing of the human spirit or soul in this era of severe existential frustration or spiritual bankruptcy. FRONTIERS OF FULFILLMENT is based on the premise that while men and women create enormous problems for themselves by relying on a materialistic society's secular values, immature ideologies and irresponsible choices, they can mature enough to find consistent fulfillment. Obviously, lasting satisfaction must come through choices more conducive to a sense of joy than those offered by secular bread and circuses alone. Unless you develop a spiritual attitude toward life that takes persons beyond banal and meaningless expectations and choices, life almost always becomes more and more disappointing as our adolescent dreams fade and we grow older.

To begin with, we humans are indeed by-products of the Cosmo's mysterious, green glowing star dust, are children of the Cosmic Creator who came into existence with the mystic elements personified in God the Seminal Spirit. Human spiritual needs are so demanding that virtually every civilization to leave its footprints on the earth had its origins in some form of religious faith. From the Indus River Valley and ancient Babylon and Assyria, to Medieval France and England, to Colonial America -- men and women acted out their spiritual needs as they created relationships and activities to make life a little better for themselves. Some driven persons become very wealthy and powerful by choosing secular values and methods, but we never become the spouses, parents or friends we could be while sacrificing our spiritual needs to secular and materialistic values and choices. We can strangle the psychospiritual elements of life that yearn for expression but persons who do almost inevitably feel that life is passing them by, that they are stuck in some morass and that life itself has become pointless. We almost always feel some aspect of the old quip -- "Oh, Lord, the sea is so vast and my boat is so small!" We simply must connect with something or someone we feel to be greater than our own short and too often banal lives or we become existentially frustrated and spiritually bankrupt.

FRONTIERS OF FULFILLMENT goes far beyond a simple "be nice and love everyone" homily. After conducting more than a hundred FULFILLMENT seminars for major universities, international corporations, liberal arts colleges, professional associations and many, many churches, lard and Roberta get down into the mud and blood of human existence. They learned from thousands of men and women what their needs were, why they felt stuck in the midst of life and what worked and what didn't in a search for spiritual maturity that leads to fulfillment. Some are calling this the best synthesis of psychology and the Christian faith they have ever heard. Be that as it may, Jard and Roberta are convinced that they have done all they can on this project so they are now offering it in this format to men and women everywhere who truly want to make their lives the very best they can become.

Anyone who has read Viktor Frankl's MAN'S SEARCH FOR MEANING or THE DOCTOR AND THE SOUL shall immediately recognized one source of inspiration but the authors didn't stop there. While Viktor focused largely on the human need to live meaningful and purpose driven lives, Jard and Roberta have moved to the next logical step. They have combined Viktor's emphasis on meaning with their own interest in sources of belonging in places of service with people with whom humans share faith, hope and love. This basic message of this book and course is FULFILLMENT f = (Meaning x Belonging)

The very best approach to life comes through spiritual values or virtues, positive attitudes, high expectations, mature beliefs and responsible choices, although we almost always need the spiritual assistance that a cosmic connection can give us. This book and the self-directed seminar it contains is filled with powerful presentations, self-focus activities and meaningful projects that thousands of people have found very valuable in filling their lives with the sources of meaning and belonging that lead to consistent fulfillment.


1. Only by connecting our lives with the Cosmic Creator, God the Seminal Spirit, can we satisfy the deepest aspects of the human soul that Viktor Frankl calls our spiritual unconscious. The reader will learn how we the children of the stars must mature through spiritual principles for life to become successful.

2. We all need to mature through the physical, psychological and philosophical aspects of life -- through the pleasure/pain, power/prestige and purpose/permanence principles of existence. The reader will learn several crucial factors in successful self-motivation and enlightenment.

3. In this age of unending and often disquieting change, when nothing remains as it was in the past, we are bedeviled by a cruel philosophy of nothingness, a belief in disbelief that savages the human spirit. The reader will learn the importance of rejecting nihilism in shifting circumstances.

4. We mature spiritually through spiritual virtues, positive attitudes, high expectations, mature beliefs and responsible choices. The reader will learn how to apply the by¬product approach to successful fulfillment in which serendipity often occurs.

5. Industrial age institutions have created a civilization that frustrates many and leads to the selfish aggression and/or apathy that caused a hundred million battle deaths in the terrible 20th century ~one. The reader will learn what frustrates us most and how to cope with frustrating pressures.

6. Maturing love, whether Eros, filias or agape, casts out fear and much frustration and consistently empowers us to live a life of trust in God. The reader will learn that being faithful to God, to others and to yourself, keeps life from reverting to the fearful and banal.

7. The DeVille Sidewalk Test confirms Jesus' observation, that normal persons respond to us as we first treat them, thus allowing loving souls to establish sound relationships. The reader will learn why and how the Golden Rule works so well in normal interpersonal relationships.

8. We can promise others that to the best of our abilities -- good things happen to people who deal honestly with us -- also that, bad things don't happen to people who deal honestly with us. The reader will learn that this isn't necessarily the way of the world but can be our personal commitment to fairness, maturity and sound personal relationships.

9. Because each person has a self-serving perceptual screen through which everything is interpreted to one's best advantage, we can easily deceive ourselves in our unconscious attitudes, activities and relationships. The reader will learn how to deal with hidden agendas, whether our own or of someone else.

10. The outcomes of life that we anticipate, plan well for, develop a vehicle to attain and work hard and smart to accomplish -- are what usually occur. The reader will learn how to succeed through sound and supportive choices.

11. We can avoid and control conflicts through the THREE STAGE conflict avoidance process and through the ASRAC conflict management technique. The reader will learn two powerful methods that take peace-making from chance to consistency.

12. By connecting with God through faith and grace, we transcend most of life's banalities and meet the vital needs of our spiritual unconscious. The reader will learn how to mature emotionally and spiritually through permanent cosmic connections.

13. By living courageously, we are empowered to deal wisely with life's universal Tragic Element of Suffering, Rage, Guilt and Death. The reader will learn that despite life's often grim aspects, there is no situation we cannot improve by holding spiritual virtues, positive attitudes and high expectations.

14. By working diligently within a legitimate enterprise, we pay our dues to society for the privilege of becoming an authentic or maturing person. The reader will learn how to choose a specific mission in each of life’s key stages.

15. Learning what we need to know when we need to know it, learning to learn, learning to choose and learning to relate, keeps us maturing consistently. The reader will learn how to stay ahead of the learning curve in a way that makes life satisfying.

16. Living in consistent love and friendship is the most valuable aspect of life, even though a great many anxious persons in this confusing age will do anything to receive love -- except become lovable. The reader will learn how to maximize the power of love in his or her relationships

17. Play and entertainment are not frivolous aspects of life but rather the way we recharge our batteries for the long haul ahead of each person. The reader will learn how to keep entertainment and play in perspective with the rest of life.

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Jard & Roberta DeVille are the authors, founders and co-owners with their daughter, Dee DeVille, of THE FULFILLMENT FORUM. The FORUM is the publisher and purveyor of the list of fine e-books shown at Jard DeVille has published more than a score of hard copy psychology books, seminars, assessment instruments with international publishers and the FORUM is now publishing eight of his full length psychology courses and historic novels. After his youth in Cajun Louisiana and military service in the great old brown shoe Army Air Forces, he served for seven years as a counseling pastor in a fundamental religious denomination in New Mexico and Louisiana during the tumultuous civil and gender rights era. He taught psychology classes for several years at Olivet, one of the denomination’s colleges, before leaving because he was in the wrong church at the wrong time in his life. The parishioners and students he served deserved better than that. He was psychology professor and psychology department chair at Utah Westminster College and psychology professor as well as Chair of Convocations at Normandale College in Minnesota. He conducted some 10,000 hours of counseling and psychotherapy while pastor, clinic director and psychology professor. He served as director of The Child Conservation Center, a learning and learning disabilities clinic organized at Kenosha in conjunction with the University of Wisconsin at Madison and as the manager of engineering research, methods and training activities for an 8,000 employees UniRoyal chemical manufacturing complex in Joliet Illinois.. DeVille conducted psychology seminars for many colleges as well at several research universities. Best of all, he spent many pleasant years as visiting professor in the University of Arizona Executive Development Conference at Tucson. He conducted leadership psychology courses for the executives and managers of major firms from New York, Chicago, Seattle, Miami, Los Angeles, Singapore, Adelaide, Brisbane, Auckland et al and has written more aviation, plant engineering and psychology articles than he can remember.

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