Falco to Launch the Next Generation eBike Propulsion Systems at Eurobike

Pune, India (PressExposure) July 06, 2011 -- The next evolution of eBike propulsion systems will come to Eurobike this year when Strategic Technology Group and Falco e-Motors release Hx and Dx, two revolutionary brushless permanent magnet motor technologies. Falco's advanced systems are powerful, ultra-fast, feather-light and embody simplicity for any bike enthusiast. Falco's eBike systems have features such as precise power and torque control; on-board data storage; PC diagnostic interface; detachable, sleek, pocket-sized command console; battery regeneration; and wireless communication.

Already hailed as "the future of electric bike propulsion," Hx and Dx motor technologies offer high torque and power density. Falco's propulsion systems are fully customizable, enabling eBike manufacturers to incorporate them into bicycles easily and quickly.

"We are very excited about Hx and Dx motor technologies," says Rakesh Dhawan, Strategic Technology Group. "EBike propulsion systems not only need to be powerful, light weight and highly efficient but also easier to use and ultra-flexible for eBike manufacturers. The basic character of a bicycle needs to be preserved. EBike propulsion systems should be essentially "invisible" and produce no pollutants whatsoever. We believe they should also be totally silent. That is exactly what we have delivered."

Falco's eBike systems' unique features include:

•Highly Compact design - Both Hx and Dx motors have embedded controllers and torque sensors that eliminate the need for outside components.

•Fewer Wires and Components - Falco Systems' wireless communications eliminates unnecessary wiring.

•Easy Installation - Falco propulsion systems can convert any bicycle into an eBike providing a hassle free installation.

•Light Weight/High Power/High Torque/High Efficiency Operation - Falco's patent pending technology is able to deliver light weight, high power, high torque and high efficiency propulsion systems and significantly superior performance over existing 3-phase motors.

•Direct and Precise Torque Control - The controller has 15 embedded sensors to measure the motor's current, power, voltage, temperature, magnetic field and torque. Falco's controller provides precision torque control of the motor to allow for an extremely smooth and exhilarating ride.

•Zero Resistance Pedaling - Falco's team worked tirelessly to ensure that the eBike remains super easy to pedal when it is off. They achieved this by minimizing the force of the magnets inside the motor to near zero when the bike is switched off.

•Customizable and Removable Disc Brake and Free Wheel Adaptors - Falco's disc brake and free wheel adaptors are removable and customizable allowing manufacturers to use different types of disc brakes and free wheels to enhance their eBike product line.

•Wireless Command Console with ANT+ capability - Falco is the first eBike system with wireless ANT+ protocol in its command console. ANT+ protocol eliminates wires and provides the ability to interface with a number of other devices such as GPS, heart rate monitors, power meters etc.

•Command Console: 3 in 1 - Falco's command console has been designed to perform three functions - those of bicycle, eBike and fitness computers. The command console is able to provide standard bicycle information such as speed, distance, and trip time; eBike information such as battery voltage and current; and fitness information such as heart rate, calories burned, and power.

About Falco e-Motors

Falco e-Motors was founded by Rakesh Dhawan, a veteran of the eBike industry. Rakesh has been instrumental in designing and launching several eBike propulsion systems successfully for European as well as North American companies. Falco's Hx and Dx propulsion systems are his vision of the future for eBikes.

The company's overriding goal is to be a tier 1 supplier of eBike propulsion systems to eBike manufacturers worldwide thereby helping to make eBikes more accessible and exciting option for personal mobility, recreation, exercise, and commuting. Falco's eBike systems have been developed using Falco's proprietary and patent-pending unique 5-phase brushless permanent magnet technology. The battery pack, also proprietary and designed by Falco, provides 80+ km (for pedelec version) and 32+ km range (for eBike versions) with advanced battery management controls and safe Li-ION technology.

From the beginning, the Falco team included input from bicycle manufacturers, distributors and dealers in the development of the system. This allowed the diverse team to create a user-friendly eBike technology that meets the needs and interests of a wide range of electric bicycle companies in Europe, North America and Asia.

For more information

Contact: Bob Edmunds, Head - Sales & Marketing, Falco e-Motors Phone Number: (877) 592-4848 x 702, Email Address: bob.edmunds@StrategicTechGroup.com, info@FalcoeMotors.com, Web site address: http://www.FalcoeMotors.com/, http://www.StrategicTechGroup.com/ At Eurobike: Aug 31 to Sep 03, 2011, Zappelin Hall, Booth: ZH-203

About Strategic Technology Group

Strategic Technology Group (STG) designs, develops, and manufactures high-quality brushless permanent magnet motors and all-electric personal mobility solutions. STG employs leading experts in brushless permanent magnet motors and uses state-of-the-art technologies and proprietary designs. After considerable research and development, STG has introduced the world's best-performing eBike propulsion technology and systems under its new division - Falco e-Motors. STG is headquartered in McLean, VA, USA and has manufacturing and R&D facilities in Pune, India.

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