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Jackson, MS (PressExposure) March 02, 2012 -- Family IQ? What is Yours?

I was surfing the internet recently doing a little analysis and came upon a company known as Family IQ ( I suspect the correct name is FamilyIQ ).

I took some time to explore the site because I wanted to give it a correct review and, to be honest, the product was interesting to me. In the modern world the family unit is under attack. Single mothers, absentee fathers and child support dodgers, subversive youngsters. Things are just crazy.

Enter Family IQ.

This company founded in 2001 by Mark Hobbins was placed to give heaps of worth to folk from its inception. Mark has a longtime track record in helping families in crisis to navigate those turbulent waters but wished to make a system that was more fostering.

Once Family IQ was launched, its first offerings were up to the minute family talent building tools, treatment programs, and providing access to consultants who needed to improve family relationships.

Over the past ten years, Family IQ has supplied its content, tools and technology not simply the healing commune, and also to huge bosses and well-ness programs who likewise are devoted to improving families. What are the Family IQ Products?

Family IQ

Hey, Precisely what is my Family IQ?

The Family IQ system is composed of patented tools and technology that licenses elders and families to make dramatic and rewarding improvements while having fun together.

FamilyIQ gets its name from their nationally commended assessment known as the Family IQ Test. This assessment measures nine key components of family functioning and provides you with a customized step by step plan to learn and build skills which will shore up your family.

Some of the FamilyIQ tools are online courses, tests, articles, activity sheets, audio lectures, conventions, workshops, and the list keeps going. What they are trying to provide is a "manual for raising a family that you never received"

What is the Family IQ Business venture?

Today, in an effort to reach the general public, Family IQ has changed its model to a direct-to-consumer enterprize model. All of the current business that's generated is passed on or referred to Family IQ business members.

This means that you, and others who are devoted to improving families, can take part in this excellent opportunity without competition from the main line advertising community.

Family IQ offers an awesome opportunity that is noble, dignified and real. Family IQ provides nationally commended online tools to help fighting families improve and good families to become great. I found Family IQ to be a completely unique business proposition and it's grabbing the attention numerous families in need nationwide.

As a member of Family IQ, you build your own business by employing the products and organisation that are already ready. Whether or not you are a consumer or someone involved with the income opportunity, the Family IQ products can be used to improve your important relationships.

You can earn revenue by teaching others how to use and sell these products too. Family IQ does all of the heavy lifting and provides an entire team to assist, guide, and support you as you build your business.

Family IQ is a break that is shared between people without any TV or radio advertising. From what I was in a position to discover, there are two entry points into the FamilyIQ business :

There's the Family Starter package that sells for $395.00.

There is the Family Builder package which ships for $1495.00

I'm only able to say that the second package is a full immersion Family IQ ' deep dive ' into all that is offered.

Family IQ has many strengths as a company and a chance

When I look at Family IQ, I think that you just can't beat the purpose and intention of the entire system. The initiator has been on Dr Phil and other shows.

Reputedly, the person achieves results ... Great ones.. You might be in a bad situation.. Mark can get you out.

Also :

Family IQ is a global opportunity.
The products are electronically delivered.
The products work.
This definitely something that folk need. They do however, need to be galvanized to meet that need.
The investment in this excellent opportunity can be substantial so there has to be some fervour there.

I personally haven't joined Family IQ yet, but I suspect Family IQ is worth looking at as a client or business searcher.

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