Fantasy Geek - An Upcoming Facebook Game Everyone Should Be On The Look Out For

Carmel, CA (PressExposure) October 07, 2011 -- The Fantasy Geek is a geek game built for the social networking site Facebook, which is set to be released soon. Like most types of strategy games and fantasy geek games - The Fantasy Geek is going to be free for everyone's entertainment. Although still not officially released, a lot of people are scrambling for its eventual entrance into the world of strategy games and online games. And, rightly so. The Fantasy Geek is a Facebook game that would give you more reasons to celebrate your love for geeky games.

How Fantasy Geek Works

The Fantasy Geek starts out by drafting six geeks (also called the Gaggle of Geeks) into your team. These six members correspond to the six categories. The categories are Gaming, Physique, Baby, Dress Code, Techmology, Hobbies and Odditorium. Each of these categories is a veritable source of pride and enjoyment as they truly represent how amazing it's like to be a geek, and to play a free game centered on geek themes. They would serve as the bases for your team's gaming success. Your goal then is to make sure that you keep your Gaggle of Geeks up to par by ensuring that they score pleasantly by the end of the week.

Your Gaggle of Geeks start out with a default score. By the end of the week, your team should have won in terms of points, among the six categories. Your team score would be pitted against your opponents' scores. Your Gaggle of Geeks have default scores. You can add to these scores by using Perks. With regard to your opponents, you can use Traps to damage their progress or wreak havoc on their scores. The way you use these add-ons from The Fantasy Geek would do a lot to improve your game stats by the time the results are released.

Why Fantasy Geek Was Created For Facebook

The game company's decision to develop the game for Facebook is also something that would be received pleasantly by people, too. As Facebook is currently one of the best social networking sites in the world, this means that The Fantasy Geek would be welcomed by a ready audience. And, for those interested to play this online game, connecting with friends who are fans of fantasy geek games, too, would be easy. Players can be assured in the knowledge that they can play this game alongside their gamer friends. And, everybody knows that the whole playing experience would be better if they have their friends to experience it with.

The Fantasy Geek may not be officially on the market, yet - but there's no question that there is a lot of people who are very ready to get on with it and start playing. With the amazing features and exciting options that the game would offer, those who love them some strategy games and online games would be pleased to know that they can find the entertainment and challenge that they're looking for from The Fantasy Geek.

This Facebook game is sure to open to a lot of welcoming gamers once it hits the social networking site. So, be sure that you're one of the lucky people who'd get to see how the game is really going to bump up your love for free games and strategy games. Watch out for The Fantasy Geek. If you have some inquiries though, you may send them through -

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The Fantasy Geek is a geek game built for the social networking site Facebook, which is set to be released soon. Like most types of strategy games and fantasy geek games.

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