Fast Lane Software Announces Upgrades to Its Software for Increased Speed

New York City, New York (PressExposure) April 26, 2011 -- Speed Torrent has announced upgrades to its software for increasing internet download speed. The parent company, Fast Lane Software, cites a "fast changing environment" and "user demand" for the new changes to its software.

Increasing internet speed or legal torrent software download speed can be an arduous task and may require lots of technical knowledge. Fast Lane Software claims to resolve these headaches by providing an all-in-one software solution for home and business users for fixing problems with internet and torrent speeds. The software will apply all the technical fixes and algorithms to a user computer automatically, and books and other informational data are also provided for users to manually tweak or for users looking for an additional boost in speed.

According the company, the new changes addresses more "client-side" fixes and upgrades. The company claims slow internet speeds may also be a result of poor client-side optimization. For example, a slow computer can also cause internet videos to perform slowly and become choppy. In another instance, too many junk programs in the background can slow down gameplay and cause latency. While most users will quickly dismiss this as a result of their internet connection, slow computer processing or busy CPU units can also contribute to this latency. For ultimate performance benefits, both client-side and network optimization may be necessary.

As a specific example, the company cites registry optimization. For example, if a program has to search the Windows registry, too many registry entries will require more time for the program to search through the entire Windows registry. A program utilizing many registry searches will have a major performance impact. Computers that are old or have been used often usually have larger registries which take computer programs longer to search and perform routines on.

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Fast Lane Software is the top publisher for software and tools for increasing computer speed and boosting download speed. Whether it's optimizing the computer registry or maximizing your internet speed, Fast Lane Software has a solution. For more information, visit Speed Torrent.

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