Father's Are Getting Cheated By The Legal System And Losing Their Kids

Pasco, Washington (PressExposure) September 01, 2006 -- Lance went through a nightmare of losing everything in his divorce including a million dollar a year business that he traded out. Lance traded his business out with his ex-wife so that he could raise his two baby girls. Three and a half years would pass by and still not much income was coming in for him but he had his daughters and they were doing great. A few months before Christmas Lance's daughters now ages 5 and 7, went to visit their mother 3 ½ hours away but they did not come back. She launched a restraining order on him just long enough to file a new parenting modification plan. Was that legal? Were the courts able to just sign a 4 week restraining order against him after almost 4 years of a perfect record of raising his daughters and leaving him out in the cold, defenseless, and unable to afford an attorney? Well, if you think that was not legal then think again! It was, it happened, and he is still in the custody battle of his life to get his little girls back. This is how Dads Defending Dads™ was born and it is the purpose of this site to educate you fathers on how quickly you can lose custody of your children with the legal system that we have today. This is not about bashing women as they gave us our children but is about the dishonesty within the courts and just "some" of the women that have taken our children from us "illegally" only to put them in harms way. We do however commend the good mothers that are governing themselves accordingly and taking really great care of their kids.

Many Fathers have lost custody of their children just because they didn't take the time to find out the rules of the Family Law system. A man can be his own worst enemy during a custody battle, and his failure to learn what he can do to win his case will result in defeat. Women quickly find out what they need to do to take the children and increase child support payments.

What is being done about these erroneous court decisions to help those qualified good dads and to protect the children from abuse? A new organization called (DDD) Dads Defending Dads™ has been formed to protect dads and become the voice of the children from losing their dads. Dads Defending Dads™ is still in its early phase and it will be the role of (DDD) - Dads Defending Dads™ to provide Mentorship, Parental Counseling, Personal Counseling, Alcohol and Chemical Dependency Counseling, Legal Aid, Food Drives, Economic Assistance, Christmas Toy Drives, Winter Coat Drives…. and many other things that will soon become readily available for dads.

Dads Defending Dads™ does not tolerate domestic violence or child abuse whatsoever. DDD is very proud of ALL the Mothers and Fathers whom govern themselves appropriately with their children and appreciates each parents hard work in being fair to the children. DDD is however in the business of defending "GOOD" dads and whose children are in harms way. DDD acknowledges that there are some dads and moms out there who do not treat their kids or each other right and they do not endorse that behavior whatsoever. DDD is glad that many moms have some support organizations to turn to and also that they are helping defend “GOOD” dads. Dads Defending Dads™ would like to thank you for your help, support, and becoming an "Active Dad Defender"

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Lance Groom - Director & Founder of Dads defending Dads. I am fomally from the Tv Show "Making Money" and the new "Rich Jerk" infomercial. I am now leading the way for Dads and Dad Defenders in a active movement to prevent children from being alianated from the other parent or losing their dad. The supreme court is now addresing this issue known as (PAL) - Parental Alienation Syndrome, though it is controversial and is not accepted by all. However the effect of parental alienation on the child, without question, causes emotional damage.

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