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Austin, TX (PressExposure) July 20, 2008 -- ASP.NET is a web application framework developed and marketed by Microsoft, which programmers can use to build dynamic web sites, web applications and web services. It is built on the Common Language Runtime or CLR, allowing programmers to write ASP.NET code using any supported

ASP.NET aims for performance benefits over other script-based technologies, including Classic ASP, by compiling the server-side code to one or more DLL files on the web server. This compilation happens automatically the first time a page is requested. Learn more about this with the houston .net developer.

This feature provides the ease of development offered by scripting languages with the performance benefits of a compiled binary. However, the compilation might cause a noticeable delay to the web user when the newly-edited page is first requested from the web server.

Developers can also choose to pre-compile their code before deployment, eliminating the need for just-in-time compilation in a production environment.

ASP.NET attempts to simplify developers' transition from Windows application development to web development by offering the ability to build pages composed of controls similar to a Windows user interface. Visit the houston .net developer to learn more of this.

A web control, such as a button or label, functions in very much the same way as its Windows counterpart: code can assign its properties and respond to its events. Controls know how to render themselves: whereas Windows controls draw themselves to the screen, web controls produce segments of HTML and JavaScript which form part of the resulting page sent to the end-user's browser.

ASP.NET encourages the programmer to develop applications using an event-driven GUI paradigm, rather than in conventional web-scripting environments like ASP and PHP. The framework attempts to combine existing technologies such as JavaScript with internal components like "ViewState" to bring persistent (inter-request) state to the inherently stateless web environment. For more information about ASP.NET and its features, then visit the houston .net developer for more details.

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