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Richmond, Virginia (PressExposure) February 14, 2011 -- Have you ever experienced a reduced sex drive while dieting? How about difficulty in weight loss, or on the flip side gaining weight, after pregnancy? Has the process of dieting become an addiction that goes beyond the purpose of shedding fat?

These are just some of the questions at the Weight Loss Center, which has one of the most active forums on cyberspace, offering everything you've always wanted to know about shedding those extra pounds but were too shy to ask.

One forum poster, who calls herself Guinea Piggy asks for encouragement after finding that she gained 12 pounds. She immediately went to work to lose pounds from the starting weight of 237 pounds to just 185 pounds, a significant improvement. Her ideal weight loss would be 130 pounds, she says.

She writes: "What does it take to lose post-pregnancy weight? Does it shed faster than body fat that has been accumulating over the years? Are there things I can be doing right now, other than eating healthy and getting some exercise (all I can seem to do comfortably is walking) that will minimize the weight gain and keep my body fit (?). Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated."

Her question immediately generated a response from another poster who calls herself Deedee, a mother of two ages 8 and 10.

"The whole 'eating for two' thing is a bit overboard though. Just eat healthy and don't worry about it. Are you thinking of breast feeding after the little one is born? I breast fed both of mine and I lost weight really quickly after giving birth. Breast feeding takes a lot of calories out of your body and so does all those sleepless nights rocking a screaming baby."

Lucy Baker-who says she's not overtly obese weighing at 143 pounds on her 5-foot-4-inch frame-is however wondering if she is totally committed to weight loss that it has become an obsession. Her diet regime is to keep between 1,000-1,200 calories each day, eating often but in small volumes.

"I have a very slow, efficient metabolism, and simply have to deal with the fact that my body goes into semi-starvation mode. I get around this by eating six times a day, and 'dosing' on protein - in my case 50g tofu with some soy and ginger - if I feel too hungry between meals," she adds.

The forum topics also expand from just weight loss issues, says Ellen Wright, who maintains the website, because the threads are created not by the administrators but by the readers themselves.

"Over time, the regulars come to know each other and share not just successful ways of weight loss or what the diet pills they take that are effective, but also a little of themselves to fellow weight watchers. That creates affinity," Ms. Wright says.


The whole 'eating for two' thing is a bit overboard though. Just eat healthy and don't worry about it! for more info visit us at

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