Filta Fry Helps Businesses Improve Quality While Reducing Costs

Orlando, Florida (PressExposure) October 26, 2009 -- One often overlooked source of potential savings lies in the excessive amount of waste generated by inefficient frying practices. FiltaFry helps to curtail waste, and get businesses running more smoothly and proficiently. FiltaFry technicians pump minimally viscous hot oil directly from a fryer through an advance micro-filtration system. This comprehensive filtration process removes 99% of microscopic carbon fibers and other particulate contaminants from cooking oil, leaving oil cleaner and increasing its usability. In an independent study, ABC Research Corporation of Gainesville, Florida found that FiltaFry removed 43 percent of the polar compounds that cause the degradation of cooking oil while simultaneously retarding the accretion of free fatty acids, coal tar and transfats.

According to Victor Clewes, FiltaFry President, the built-in filtration systems of most fryers are capable of filtering contamination particles down to only 250 microns in size. FiltaFry is able to filter oil to a level of two to three microns. "The pre-filtration system within our machine actually will achieve a much greater level of filtration than built-in systems," Clewes states, "and that's before we've passed it through our cartridge which goes through a pressure." The complete process leaves oil purer and better tasting, a quality that translates to the food fried in it.

FiltaFry purified oil leaves food tasting like it is intended to taste. "You can have a great atmosphere in a restaurant but if you want to bring customers back, the taste of your food is critically important," Clewes says. "Most of us have had some experience in a restaurant where we've ordered chicken and it tastes like fish."

Because FiltaFry's micro-filtration system improves the longevity cooking oil, many restaurants have seen their oil costs reduced by as much as 60 percent while simultaneously enhancing the taste and quality of their fried foods.

"We have about eight fryers between both our locations," said Eggie Serrano, the manager of Froggers Grill & Bar in Orlando Fla. "I would never go back to our old way of fryer maintenance because there were too many risks where my cooks were getting burned. Plus, we're saving about $110 per week, per store now and our food tastes much better."

FiltraFry helps employers minimize expenses by reducing the costs associated with workplace injuries while offering labor savings, increased equipment life, and a vast reduction in oil purchased. By using FiltaFry, Calico Jack's oyster bar in Jacksonville, Fla., decreased its frying oil usage from 360 pounds to 180 pounds each week. This reduction resulted in an average weekly savings of $40 after subtracting the cost of FiltaFry's service. That's right, the FiltaFry service actually paid for itself plus some.

Even more impressively Dick's Wings, another Jacksonville establishment, saw its frying oil costs plummet 60 percent. Aramark, which serves approximately 4,000 meals per day at the University of Central Florida estimates a savings of $5,400 annually by using FiltaFry.

"It's a great value for the money because in the long run the service pays for itself," claims James Casazza, manager of Friday's Front Row in Orlando, Fla. "We spend money to save even more money."

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Established in the United Kingdom in 1996 and brought to the United States in 2002, 1Filta offers its clients the sustainable FiltaFry service and the FiltaCool product; a franchisee business which services the kitchens of quick service, casual & fine dining, hospitals, universities, sports stadiums, and amusement parks.

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