Finally A Way For People To Follow Through With Resolutions!

Philadelphia, PA (PressExposure) October 13, 2009 -- "This year I'm going to lose weight, get in shape, achieve my goals and make more money!" Yes, I know I said that last year, but this year I mean it.....

You know the story, each year we say what we're going to do, and many of us fail to ever complete what we set out to accomplish. Yet, is it our fault? This common start, go strong, slow down and then stop cycle is something that many people struggle with each year. However, with the help of some simple success tools, LifeTrax LLC has set out to help millions of people "Create A Reality That Exceeds Their Dreams!" says Tom Anderson, creative director and co-founder of LifeTrax.

"LifeTrax was developed to provide a way for people to set and achieve their goals, at any time in their life, and actually succeed in accomplishing them" explains Tom Anderson. "Most people were never given the proper tools to succeed. So if you set out to achieve your goals, yet you don't know how to set yourself up for success, you're basically going to fall back into the habits you've already formed, because that's what you know." He finishes.

Tom wasn't always in the motivation and success business however. After reaching a point in his own life where he was feeling stuck, unsatisfied and wanting to create a reality that exceeded his own dreams, he developed the idea for LifeTrax. Having a common problem that many people face, he decided to come up with the solution....As many entrepreneurs often do.

"The tools we offer are simple and effective" he says, "We have developed the site to be simple enough for the people who are not tech savy, yet exciting and cutting edge enough to grab and hold the attention of those who are."

LifeTrax has tools that help you succeed by helping you track your fitness and create workouts based on your level of fitness. They also have a nutrition planning system to help keep you on track with your weight goals. Yet the site is not just about diet and weight loss. LifeTrax incorporates elements that help people stay focused with mindset tools, goal setting tools, budgeting tools and more. They also have a social networking aspect that Anderson calls "Social Networking For People Who Want To Succeed."

"LifeTrax is all about taking action!" He says with excitement, "It's also a tool that requires the person to use it, in order to see the success they desire. What people should begin to realize is that success all comes down to a simple 3 step process. We call it the A, B, C's of success and they are Action, Belief and Consistency. You couple those 3 elements, with the 4 letter word that no one likes to hear, Time, and you've created a formula for success!" Tom explains.

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