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Krasnoyarsk, NA Russian Federation (PressExposure) August 03, 2007 -- If you have a domain name, you can use one of the numerous Whois tools to determine its owner. Whois provides complete information about the owner of any domain name, up to the level of mailing addresses and telephone numbers. But what if you don’t have a domain name? What if all you have is a mere IP address? Or what if you don’t need information about the domain name, but are much more interested in who owns the Web server where it’s hosted? Such information is much more useful shall you need to file an email spam complaint or report a DoS attack. If you are processing credit card orders online, you already know that knowing the owner, or at least the country, of an IP address is vital part of any good fraud check. If you receive and order to ship to Kansas or Minnesota, but their IP address is in Algeria or Nigeria, you might get substantial savings by catching this timely and not shipping the order!

Quite often it is very possible to determine the owner, or, rather, the assignee, of an IP address. IP addresses in North America are assigned by ARIN, an independent, nonprofit corporation that provides IP registration. It is possible to unveil details about the organization that uses a particular IP address, or, to be precise, a block of IP addresses.

There are no tools that come with Windows which can look up information about an IP address. Instead, you can visit ARIN database, learn about its query syntax, and fire up search on an IP address. If the address does not belong to the North American block, you will quite often see only the basic information specifying the country and organization responsible for assigning IP addresses there. To discover owner information of your original IP address, you then will have to visit a whois server of that organization and repeat the whole process.

While there’s nothing wrong in doing all these queries, it takes an awful lot of time. We at Soft Institute wrapped the same thing into a small and package. SI Lookup queries the right server right automatically, and returns clearly legible, well formatted output. It displays all the vital information and allows you to query more than one IP address by simply selecting it from a combo box. Thanks to its user-friendly, convenient user interface, SI Lookup is much more convenient to use than the online tools that Unix-age non-profit organizations provide on the Web.

SI Lookup is part of Soft Institute’s line of network tools, and integrates well with other products, such as SI Ping and SI Trace. You can simply click on an IP address or Web name of any host that is pinged or traced in order to get information about the owner and location of that host.

SoftInstitute releases well-designed, simple to use products that help computer users solve one particular problem. Our products are free, and typically perform just one task, such as ping, traceroute, whois or lookup, but do it in a convenient manner.


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