First Ever Anole Lizard Care Ebook Released

Naperville, IL (PressExposure) October 12, 2011 -- The first and only ebook dedicated to keeping green anole lizards as pets is now available to the general public. Author and reptile expert Jim Hofman has just released "Green Anole Lizards As Pets", available exclusively at Jim's website dedicated to these small reptiles.

Very popular as entry level and small space pets, anole lizards are a species native to the southeastern United States. "Green Anole Lizards As Pets" enlightens pet owners about the selection and care of these reptiles, including recommendations for feeding and terrarium set up. The ebook, available at the new release price of $7.00, walks the reader through proper selection of anoles, acclimation tips, and various do's and don'ts for keeping green anoles as pets. Included are sections on how to house anoles, along with specific suggestions for compatible terrarium species.

The book was created as a way to showcase the viability of owning anoles as pets. They are particularly appropriate for people who are unable to own traditional pets like cats and dogs, or those who have space limitations. "Green anoles are wonderful little creatures that don't require walking and won't make you sneeze or cause your eyes to water", Hofman states. "They are absolutely fascinating to observe and easy to care for. Anyone from children to senior citizens find them to be very enjoyable pets."

The ebook resulted from Hofman's over 40 years experience owning pet green anole lizards. His website,, was named after the official species name for green anoles, and it has become one of the web's primary resource sites for those seeking more information about these small lizards.

Translated, the term "anolis carolinensis" means an anole native to the Carolina region of the United States. In the wild, the species can be readily found in the southeastern United States, the Carribean, and some parts of the southwest such as southern Arizona. For those seeking anoles as pets, they are available at most large pet centers and many local pet stores at a nominal cost.


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