Five Common Web Design Mistakes

1552 Goldcliff Circle Washington, DC (PressExposure) April 27, 2009 -- Web design is one of the key elements in search engine optimization and traffic volume. A site that’s good to look at will always have visitors. People always keep coming back to sites that look well put together.

Wikipedia defines web design as the skill of designing presentations of content that is delivered to an end user through World Wide Web, by way of a browser or other Web-enabled software. According to a southern California web design company, what website design Los Angeles companies usually offer are two aspects of web design: web design specifically for web pages and web development.

However, a web design firm los angeles expert added that hiring somebody else to handle your site’s web design is not a must. There are many resources on the web to help you find your way when it comes to SEO and web design. Learn to steer clear though of common myths regarding web design. Below are some of them.

* Hire a web designer. Just like what was discussed above, a good web design does not require hiring a web designer. Many site owners do their own web design even if they are not really web designers. There are many customizable templates available on the internet to help especially those who are not so good at HTML codes.

* Put a lot of images. A site loaded with pure text and without a single image is not enticing to read, visit, or even just look at. However, a site loaded with many different images may look chaotic. Also, loading your site with many images affects the time it takes to load it. Some people would get turned off by sites that take forever to load. Learn to use images wisely – sparingly and purposefully. When including an image, don’t forget to make sure that the size of the image fits your lay-out perfectly, especially for those using fluid width. It helps to set the height and width HTML attribute of all your images because it also assures that the text of your site will load first.

* Colorful is attractive. There’s no need to include every color available. Again, a site without a defined color scheme would look chaotic and disorganized. Unless your site focuses on the colors of the rainbow, try to limit your color scheme to a combination of two to three colors. There are many sites on the web that lets you try out different color schemes, use them. Also, take note of the fact that dark/colored text on white background will always be easier to read than any text on a colored background.

* No need to preview. There is definite need to make sure your site looks good. Don’t just design and code it without viewing what it actually looks like. Another important thing is to view it not just on your favorite browser but on other popular browsers as well. This is to make sure that all your visitors, no matter what browser they are using, will have access to a good-looking site.

* The more elaborate the font, the better. Just like with colors, there’s no need to use every font available. Make sure that the font you will use is readable and appropriate for the tone of your site.

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