Five Principles for Poster Printing Success

Telford, PA (PressExposure) August 24, 2009 -- Poster printing success revolves around five major principles in design and printing. It is important to know these things if you ever decide to print posters yourself.

By following these basic principles, you will not only assure yourself in creating great color posters, you also ensure the effectiveness and functionality of your posters as they are meant to be. So, for all of you beginners out there, below are the five main principles that you should adhere to, to ensure poster printing success.

1. Quality - In poster printing, one major principle that you should adhere to is quality. A poster success hinges upon how well made it is. Not only does the quality of materials determine how good looking your poster is, but it also determines how long it will last under different environmental conditions. Therefore, you should always aim to print your color posters with the best high quality materials as possible so that it looks better and lasts longer. The longer your posters last, and the better they look, the more successful they shall become.

2. Harmony - In terms of the colors of your posters, harmony is a key principle to success. You cannot just choose random colors on the fly. You must choose colors that compliment or contrast with each other so that the posters can appear pleasing to the eye. This harmony of colors must also match the tone of your poster message so it is crucial that you choose your colors wisely for your posters to become a success.

3. Symmetry - Things that are symmetrical, or have a certain kind of balance will always have an innate beauty onto themselves. Posters can reliably use this principle for its design to have an innate beauty themselves. Therefore, for example if you have one design element on the right side of the poster, it makes sense to have the same or a similar element on the left side. This makes the poster design more balanced in a way and in a natural sort of scheme more beautiful and elegant as well.

4. Ratios or Scale - The proper ratio and scale is also important in your poster designs. Besides the design principle of the golden ratio, actual real ratios must always be present in your posters as a principle. For example, there are always proper scales and ratios when you shrink an image into place in your poster design.

Try to distort this scale in any way and people will always think, "Something is just not right" in the poster. It is a very subtle and internal principle in most of us that detects wrong scales that are not really beautiful and natural. So to gain success in poster printing, always mind the proper ratios and scaling of your images.

5. Emphasis - Finally, do not forget to always emphasize the main message of your poster. This means that you will usually have a main object in your poster such as a model or an important thing or symbol. You must always have all your design elements complimenting that main subject, emphasizing and improving its presence at the same time. This makes your message delivery using the poster more effective, ensuring its functional success.

These are the five important principles that you must always adhere to in poster printing. Use them wisely and you will always have the best posters in the business. Good Luck!

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