Five Week Weight Loss Plan Beating Out Fad Diets

, (PressExposure) September 03, 2008 -- Colin Winston Aldridge has just come out with a new five week weight loss plan that is better than all the fad diets combined and that's because it works. He knows because he's tried it out on himself!

Fad diets don't work. With Aldridge's five week weight loss program, you will get a book and an digital download once a week for five weeks and an additional two digital downloads to help you begin your journey to a thinner, happier, more self confident you.

Colin Winston Aldridge knows his formula will work for you because it worked for him. He began his journey to a thinner man at 300 plus pounds and was sick and tired of being sick and tired. The five books and audio formula combination will help you loose the weight you've been carrying and wanting to get ride of for as long as you can remember. And if Aldridge can do it, you can do it too.

In addition to knowing his foods, Colin Winston Aldridge is a fully trained hypnotherapist and these recording works to put you in a trance level and on the subconscious. It's very safe and you will enjoy the soothing sounds and Aldridge's calming voice.

The reason for the five books and accompanying digital downloads is because Aldridge doesn't want anyone to be tempted to sneak a peak at the last page because the program doesn't work that way. He wants you to get used to what is going on for a week before continuing on to the next step in the formula. And the accompanying digital downloads are meant to help you, motivate you and get you going each and every day so you don't faultier during the five week program.

Colin Winston Aldridge's formula has many benefits not normally found in traditional weight loss packages. By using the techniques Aldridge shows you in the five week course, you will not only loose weight, but you will save money as well.

You will learn what foods to buy and in what quantities so you are not wasting foods, saving you hundreds of dollars a year. The same goes for vitamins. Aldridge will show you how to test yourself to see which vitamins you are lacking and which you have enough of so that you are not wasting money on supplements that you don't need.

With week one, you will not only receive the first edition with it's beautifully illustrated pages of techniques but you will receive Colin Winston Aldridge's digital downloads that will help you on your weight loss journey.

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