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Victoria, North Carolina (PressExposure) March 11, 2011 -- When the Microsoft Windows operating systems are slow and sluggish, programs take ages to open you are thinking to reinstall, to format partitions, or maybe you think you need to buy a new PC? The answer is a BIG NO! You can maintain your operating system using Flobo System Repair Lite.

In order to understand the way Flobo System Repair works you need to understand what the MS Windows XP slow operation main causes are.

1) Malware
One of the most often causes for system slowing and faulty operation is the malware. Malware stands for malicious (or malfunctioning) software which is software designed to perform a variety of forms of hostile, intrusive, or annoying actions. There are different types of malware: viruses, rootkit, trojans, worms, adware. The differences between different types of malware are the achievement of the hostile action and the way of spreading. However, you may find that generic malware are named "virus" though technically is incorrect.

2) Startup programs
There are certain things that happen every time a computer boots. Several stages are completed: 1) system devices are initialized, current user settings are loaded, and some user-installed programs will start automatically when Windows boots. Pop-up advertisements and different types of malware can also be executed at startup without the users to know. The most important cause of a slow startup is having too many programs configured to run automatically when Windows boots. If too many programs are configured to run at startup, it can decrease system performance, but also can cause faulty operation.

3) Hard Disk fragmentation
Fragmentation is effect of how file systems work and data is stored. Ideally, all the data for a specific file should be stored contiguously. In this case, the hard disk drive, which is accessing data by moving a mechanic arm (to a certain position), is moving to access data in the some region. But very often, when some files are deleted and others are copied on the disk drive, the new data copied can't be stored in the contiguous region, so it is placed in different regions on the drive. Data from one file is stored in different area of hard disk and the arm need to reposition several times to access data and consequently more time is needed for completing this task. Therefore it is advised to start defragmentation utilities such as Windows Disk Defragmenter every month. You can access this utility by pressing "Ms Windows Utility" and select "Disk Defragmenter"

4) Registry fragmentation
Registry files are used by MS Windows operating systems and programs to store data. Windows operating system and programs installed on access registry files even hundred times every second. Therefore, if your registry is fragmented and slow in responding to requests for information, it affects the performance of your PC and slows it down.

5) Temporary files
Your computer is storing temporary files when you're looking at WebPages and even when you're working on files in programs. Over time, these files will slow your computer's performance. Nevertheless, your system drive (usually C drive) is getting lower disk space, which can be dangerous and could lead to the situation that the system cannot boot up. The deleting of the temporary files is mandatory and need to be performed cyclic.

6) Registry settings
Registry entries in the registry are some times modified by malware software or removed causing problems in performance or failures like system errors. Due to the adding and removing of hardware and/or software to the system the registry increases in size and it takes more time for Windows to read the registry. Flobo System Repair performs a diagnostic for the current operating system and modifies some of the registry values according to your configuration and those modified by malware are restored to the correct values.

7) Devices not installed properly or not installed
If not your PC devices drivers are no installed the user cannot use, or use it with low capabilities the hardware. In case you find uninstalled software you should install drivers. These drivers are delivered with the computer. You could also search computer manufacturer support web page for drivers.

8) Hard Disk drive bad sectors
Hard Disk bad sector is leading to malfunctioning of the computer. For more information see Flobo Hard Disk User manual

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