Focusrite Saffire - A Musical Gadget that will Challenge Any Musician's Talent

London, United Kingdom (PressExposure) February 09, 2012 -- A respected name in the musical equipment industry, Focusrite produces audio interfaces, microphone preamps, consoles, Channel analogues EQs and strips, digital sound processing and processing hardware and software. Motivated by its pledge and dedication to produce high quality musical devices, it has continued to give musicians stylish designs and updated technology for musical equipment. It prides itself on all of its products, including the Focusrite Saffire DAW interfaces and the Focusrite Scarlett precision audio interfaces.

Featuring a selection of sound interfaces, the Focusrite Saffire is a gadget that will be well-liked by any musician who has an average computer knowhow.

The mic press and the I/O combination answered the quest of musicians for a piece of equipment that has lower I/O requirements yet sustains excellent prospects for audio. With this structure, inputs and outputs are properly balanced giving you the clearest, cleanest and crispiest audio. Both musicians and DJ's will welcome this new addition in the Focusrite family of musical equipment.

Two inputs are located on its front panel which are assigned to the microphone line and a Hi-Z instrument source. By simply adjusting the apposite dial, you can either choose an instrument or a line. Capable of altering the volume of the origin of the sound up to 105dB is the touchpad. Every switch of the inputs has global phantom power. Low latency for recording is provided by the Saffire interface. Setting the harmony between the source of input and the playback is possible via the mixing abilities of the front panel. Similarly, allowing you to utilize the leading mixes is the headphone mix starting from outputs 1, 2, 3 and 4 or vice versa.

Two outputs in various forms are also included: a half inch line level together with a RCA phono link for the twofold ½ and ¾. A revolutionary move for an interface, it has enabled the Saffire to offer you an uplifting and energizing audio experience. Furthermore, different audio resources can be prompted by toggling the output through the headphone panel switch located on its front.

Setting up a modern pattern for interface administration is the Saffire Mix Control, a zero-latency 18 16 DSP Mixer/Router software. Other features include a logical and succinct mixing design, unequalled output direction, submixes and inputs and a huge on-screen scaling for outputs.

To make the most of your audio musical experience, Saffire was loaded with plenty of add-ons that make it a coveted piece of equipment. It is one of Focusrite's most functional gadgets that allows the musician to demonstrate his creativity and innovativeness in creating music. This creation did not fail to live up to the standards that Focusrite has been known for the last 25 years. While keeping the normal quality and nature of the piece, players can blend their music in a refined manner. The Focusrite Saffire is a piece of equipment that will delight you with its excellence and performance. The level of quality of its audio interface can stand on its own in any well-structured music studio and will be the envy of many.

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Motivated by its pledge and dedication to produce high quality musical devices, it has continued to give musicians stylish designs and updated technology for musical equipment.

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