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Greenville, South Carolina (PressExposure) February 06, 2012 -- It seems that most everyone in today's economic market is at a loss when it comes to being prepared for retirement. Just about every class of investment has been losing money at near record rates including real estate, bonds, and most notably stocks. Five years ago a local research company tackled the problem of safety in retirement, head on.

The Forex-Assistant research group discovered that one of the main reasons people didn't start a retirement plan, was that they didn't know where to begin. Still others believed that they had to have some large amount of money set aside before they could even get started on their retirement program. However the Forex-Assistant has changed the way people plan for retirement.

"In an effort to help new and future retirees get started on the right track, we launched an educational website called The Safe Investor. This new site will show people of all income and savings situations how to begin their retirement program." said Bob Llewellyn, founder and lead researcher of the Forex-Assistant Research Group and an expert in forex trading.

To ensure that everyone gets the help they need to begin their retirement program, we are offering to the general public a free ebook called 'RetirEASE'. In it is revealed step by step procedures needed to take the average family from wherever they are right now financially to having a financially secure retirement within a reasonable period of time. This new solid retirement plan is a generalized one that can be tailored to almost anyone's specific retirement needs. Ben Franklin was quoted as saying that people don't plan to fail, they simply fail to plan. This is especially true of today's busy families.

Our research showed that even those who had thousands of dollars to invest, ended up losing their investments because they were in too big of a hurry to get started and didn't bother to learn about their alternatives before risking real investment dollars. However the ones who had nothing to start with generally were forced to learn first, and their eventual investments usually paid off better, at least in terms of being more lasting and safe.

This retirement plan is the latest innovation from the Forex-Assistant, where from its inception has been focusing on the research and development of safe retirement programs. The key elements of the plan are safety, a program that is easy enough that anyone can use, and a dignified retirement for everyone.

The mystery surrounding the current retirement dilemma faced by millions of Americans has been resolved. The best solution is reliable and easily available education. Years of research, trial and error, and personal experience have gone into creating the most practical approach to retirement planning. It is our policy to offer our expertise in the field of retirement investing and education free for the benefit of everyone.

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The Forex-Assistant is the global mathematical research company that focuses on delivering sound retirement options. We utilize ideas and markets that most people never consider in relation to retirement, such as the foreign exchange market and mathematical concepts. Founded in 2007, the Forex-Assistant Research Group has developed the first and only (to this date) no loss trading program that generates a 12% annual return. We are the leader in investment research on the net:

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