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Mccalla, Alabama (PressExposure) June 04, 2009 -- I'm going to guarantee you've never discovered Forex Espionage. Why? Easy; as it's been a private system for a long time and is just becoming public. Yeah, you know that "secret forex systems" that gurus apply to make them elite traders? This is among that automated systems wrapped up in pretty software package which is now available to the common. The sales on this thing are going to be insane but luckily I got a review copy.

1st, let's go over the concept, a little overview and so you understand this forex product. It's a full automated system and does its trades on autopilot so we do not have to be bothered with tweaks and settings which is all of the time a bonus when purchasing. I love it when it is automated; I've more important things to do than sit at my PC 24/7 clickin' trades like crazy man and I am sure you do too. As with all autopilot forex trading systems no experience is required which is a beautiful thing.

Sounds like a pretty generic forex autopilot trading software right? This special Forex Espionage system is dedicated to work with EUR/USD (US Dollars and Euro) pair. So what does this mean? Well consider it this way; if someone developed a Forex trading software system to go with all the common pairs it could perform pretty decent right? Now think of an elite trader designing a system to perfect and go with one specific pair; it is madness. You will be able to see the results of this system where the average profit was $52,000+ per year consistently over a 7 year time frame. It is brilliant yet I am shocked no one had thought about this before.

How does Forex Espionage do? I have been rockin' out on my demo account and I can say there's definitely profits to be earned. Giving exact numbers seems kind of "hype"so I will not bother. Like I stated above, they just went for one pair instead of multiple and they actually nailed it; I am going to keep trading using Forex Espionage to see what sort of results I get but I think this just might be the forex system for me.

Before going any further I want us all to join hands and think at this logically, I've 2 points the first being which do you prefer; a software system configured by a professional person that specifically targets one single pair or one that targets all popular pairs while trying to be effective? Naturally the one targeting a single pair will be more efficient; it has less to worry about. While a forex system that targets all popular pairs is confusing around figuring out all those numbers the one going after a single pair can spend all the time centered on this pair leading to an accurate results and higher returns. Thanks to well written algorithms this is possible.

Second point is the risk when purchasing the forex trading system. There's literally none; they provide a demo account which is used to to test the software system to see if profits are there to be made while applying it, all before investing any of your real money.

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