Former Gaming Exec Offers Business and Marketing Training to YTB Reps

Southaven, Mississippi (PressExposure) April 29, 2007 -- Marissa Livengood has had an amazing life, but she wanted more. More control over her time and financial security. That is when she discovered Your Travel Biz.

They say that timing is everything and for Marissa, the timing could not have been better. Fresh out of corporate America, where she had spent 35 years in the hospitality and gaming industry, Marissa was in the process of jumping back into the ‘safety” of getting a salary paycheck at the expense of her time…more importantly, the time to enjoy her family.

“At the time, I was looking for a company with honesty and integrity. I had truly become disenfranchised with corporate America and the way the vast majority of us had become invisible to those at the top. Since I was in an executive position, I found that the most disturbing of all. I was at the top…or so I thought.”

“My youngest son, Matthew (also with YTB), introduced my husband and I to YTB in January this year. We spent the first month examining and researching the company. Because YTB is a publicly traded company, we felt that the investigative and reporting requirements of the SEC satisfied those concerns. Next, we met “Coach” Lloyd Tomer the founder of YTB, and I knew that in this man, his son Scott Tomer and J. Kim Sorenson (co-founders), I had found the honesty and integrity that I was seeking.”

“But that was just the beginning of our journey. I was from corporate America and knew nothing about being an Independent Marketing Representative. YTB just made sense to me. I saw the potential and I knew business.

“The vehicle that YTB was providing could not have been more attractive. YTB works in two ways: through referring travel agents and independent marketing representatives. Referring travel agents purchase their own YTB Internet travel site, which operates just like Travelocity, Expedia and Orbitz. People can purchase cruises, flights, rental cars, golf vacation packages and extras like passport/visas, golf tee times and even order flowers. Referring travel agents (RTA’s) make commissions on the sales.”

“YTB independent marketing reps sell online travel agencies and sponsor other reps to form teams, like the team at Coolocity. Then, the marketing reps earn commissions through their teams as well as their own sales.”

Marissa attributes her many years of success in business to working with incredible teams of people. She spent many years training and inspiring employees to achieve their goals when having a higher education/degree was not a possibility for many. Now, Marissa provides Business101 and Marketing training for anyone on her team who is not prepared for all aspects of owning their own business.

“When I first decided to join YTB and enter the world of Network Marketing, I was told over and over again how so many people fail. This was a concern to me so I looked deeper into the history of Network Marketing and why this failure rate should be so high. What I found was two things: The product /company MUST be top notch and people need to adjust to the 21st century of the Internet. I tell our team that having home parties is terrific and it is always nice to share your new business with friends and family. However, we help our team launch their new business completely on the Internet, because when you are in front of your computer, you are 3 feet in front of the whole world.”

“The transition from corporate America to Network Marketing has been interesting, to say the least. For many looking for financial freedom and time to enjoy life, there is nothing better. It is not a get rich quick scheme. Working from Home does not mean that the postal service is just going to deliver checks to your door without effort. It is work.”

“A home based business requires discipline to work in your home environment without distraction. But, then, so does any good paying job. What it does not require is for me to schedule my life and family around the whims of a company and their best interests. This hit me the hardest when I heard my son telling a travel partner, “My mother always puts business first.”

“I had worked from the time I was very young. I raised two sons, built a career and missed out on most everything important; family functions, holidays and a lot of “firsts”. I struggled with day care day to day and when I had to travel (for the company). I never was able to take a traditional two week vacation, ever. Sadly, I even scheduled medical issues around the convenience of my employers.”

“Now, because of YTB and Internet marketing, important family functions, vacations and the time with friends are not delayed or postponed. The Internet never sleeps and my YTB online travel business is working whether I am at work or (as is case these days) play.”

“What YTB has done for me is to give us the perfect Network Marketing vehicle, online travel. Everyone loves to travel, our vacations are now “paycations”, we will be able to enjoy substantial tax savings and the financial freedom is now giving me the flexible time to enjoy life.”

“We are looking people who are serious about changing their life today. I know what YTB has done for me. Let’s see what YTB can do for you!” For information about joining YTB and what options are available, you may contact Marissa Livengood at -30-

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