Former Junk Food Junkie Reveals 3 Alternatives To Emotional Eating When Stressed, Bored, Or Beyond Exhausted

Tallahassee, FL (PressExposure) May 15, 2009 -- After 25 years of constant junk food, more than 5 sodas every single day and an addiction to cupcakes, Jeffrey Harold changed the way he ate using nothing but meditation and mindful techniques.

"For most of my life, I felt like everything was crumbling down around me. To numb the pain, I turned to as much junk food as possible to avoid having to deal anything. But things changed when I started to study meditation and the power of mind. For years I believed all the thoughts I had to be true - but then when I found myself broke and stranded in China teaching English as a Second Language, I finally started to see that my mind was never my friend. In fact, it was betraying me all along," explains Harold, author of the newly released e-book, "Eating In The Now: A Powerful Guide To Help You Develop A Healthy, Life Changing Relationship With Food" (available for download at http://www.EatingInTheNow.Com for $37).

As more and more people turn to cheap, unhealthy junk food to ease the pain of job loss, depression, and hopelessness about the future, emotional eating is becoming one of the main unnoticed symptoms of the current economic climate.

"The good thing is, there are 3 simple things anyone can do today to cope with all their negative emotions including stress, boredom, or just plain exhaustion," says Harold.

Take A Long Relaxing Bath

"Calming warm water can do a lot to ease a troubled spirit. Immersing yourself in the water while using some aromatherapy treatments can do a lot to help you find peace of mind," says Harold. "Make it one of your absolute stress free activities that you turn to. I also suggest listening to a relaxing audio book such as the Tao Te Ching or other spiritual work to help you make the experience even better."

Dance It Out

"There have been times where I've been on the brink of complete sadness and needed to do anything to stop it. What do I do? I turn on the iPod, blast some of my favorite songs, and shake up all the pent up energy that I have inside." says Harold. "Try dancing until you feel the emotion flowing out of your body. Move and get inspired. If you cry, don't worry -it's just a sign it's working."

Drink A Cup of Tea

"Whatever your emotion is, just sit with it for a while. To make sure you're not alone, have a cup of tea as you do this," Harold suggests. "Imagine the warmth of the tea melting your emotions away. Close your eyes each time you take a sip. Stop and do whatever it takes to get the emotion to flow out of you. Choose an herbal tea without sugar or caffeine as you want to silence your thoughts, not create more of them."

"Eating In The Now: A Powerful Guide To Help You Develop A Healthy, Life Changing Relationship With Food" by Jeffrey Harold, is available for $37 from This 145 page e-book offers tips, strategies, personal insights, and confessions about healing your relationship with food on behavioral, emotional, and spiritual levels.

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