Four Reasons Why Consumers May Not Want to Rely on Just RAID As a Home Protection System

Staines, United Kingdom (PressExposure) June 07, 2014 -- Home consumers want protection for their personal photos, those private files that they won't show anyone and the recipes they want make once in a "blue moon". However, if you do not have a Raid 0 or even a Raid 1, don't rush out to go by this multi-disk array setup. You still may lose your data. Raid systems are not fool-proof and this may bother many home consumers that simply want to store their files away, forget them, and not have to worry whether they are safe or not. However, if you have a small business, Raid 0, Raid 1 or Raid 3 or 4 may be an excellent investment, depending on the backup storage you need and the best way to distribute sensitive data.

At the very best, Raid protects data on a disk or two; because this is a system that still uses disks. Some homeowners, too, may not have the very best power cords, the air may be dirty and you may still have to conduct a stress test to see your Raid recovery system can withstand the strain. This is why Raid, with a few mirrored drives, may be better in a small office setting at the worse, than at home.

Raid's ease of use means something completely different than iPods

People are using the phrase "ease of use" to mean the same thing for both types of technology. However, Raid works a little differently than an iPod and may not be all that easy to use or be user-friendly from what you expect in an iPod. In fact, Raid's ease of use means two things: setup and break/fix.

The majority of consumers want setup that is hassle-free and by definition for many means the product is already setup, consumers just need to plug it in or take it out of a box to set it up. However, Raid setup requires different drives to be placed in designated slots. It may be a subject that just does not sound interesting to many consumers, so they make no efforts to understand what Raid is and how it can benefit them.

>A Raid system does not work how many people Envision

Many people think that Raid won't be difficult to fix if anything does go wrong. If a Raid system does break, things can get ugly - especially if consumers do not have any idea how to fix the problems. Why might a Raid system be difficult to fix? The home consumer must know which disk needs to be pulled out and replaced. If a Raid system uses more than one disk, it may difficult for a homeowner to know which Raid disk is correct to remove.

A Raid system also doesn't reboot itself and work right away like a computer. Instead, Raid recovery may take hours for the system to come back and your files to be adequately protected again. No one wants to wait two hours just to be able to know if they removed the right disk and replaced it. If Raid easily backed up files with a touch of a button, more homeowners would be ordering Raid systems.

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