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San Diego, CA (PressExposure) April 19, 2008 -- – The death toll among US troops serving in Iraq has now reached 4,000 according to figures published by AFP – deaths which many people claim could have and should have been prevented.

While the war in Iraq continues, there are still those rigorously opposed to the violence in the Middle East who would like to see US troops withdrawn from the region to prevent further deaths and injury to the US servicemen and women and to the Iraqi militia.

According to the AFP source, some 97% of fatalities in Iraq have occurred subsequent to President Bush’s declared end to ‘major combat’ over four years ago, suggesting that while the occupation may be complete, the resistance has continued and is growing in ferocity.

As one of the foremost published authors and critics of the current Bush administration and its policies, both domestic and foreign, Bob Miller believes the war in Iraq need never and should never have happened, and that the lives lost in the conflict could have been spared.

Miller, arguably one of the most controversial and outspoken opponents of the Bush administration and the war in Iraq, has issued a stark warning to America’s youth, advising against joining the military and fighting in Iraq on the premise of what he calls a ‘lie’.

“Young irreplaceable Americans, getting a good education is a terrific way to serve your country. Don't die for a lie. Before you join the military, look around and tell me how many Support the Troops bumper stickers and Yellow Ribbons you see now. Give me the name of just one politician or officer who has been convicted of war crimes like our young enlisted soldiers have.”

The news of the rising death toll follows the latest four casualties from an ‘indirect’ rocket attack from Iraqi insurgence.

Of the deaths reported so far, 18.7% are the result of non-combat incidents. It only remains to be seen how much higher the death count will rise before US forces are withdrawn.


A successful author and war veteran, Bob Miller has been revered and reviled in equal measure for his outspoken opinions and hard-hitting message about the war in Iraq and George W Bush. A speaker and author, Miller has toured America delivering his own style of opposition, and has remained a staunch opponent of war and supporter of the self-branded “Don't Die For A Lie” movement.

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