Fourth Annual Gift in Shift Conference in The Majestic Red Rocks of Sedona Arizona

Sedona, AZ (PressExposure) January 11, 2010 -- Stellar Productions Live brings The 4th Annual “Finding the Gift in Shift” conference will be January 15-17, 2010 at the Sedona Creative Life Center 333 Schnebly Hill Road, Sedona. Two day tickets are $225 for general seating; Two day preferred seating (first 3 rows) is $295; Friday only $125; Saturday only $150; Full day intensive workshop with Dr. Joe Dispenza on Sunday, January 17th is $250. Seating is limited for Dr. Joe's Sunday intensive. There are additional pre-conferences and Sunday additional workshops available for additional fee. Visit or call 866.304.8700. Call the Radisson Poco Diablo Resort at (928) 282-7333 and ask for the special Stellar rate to book your room at the conference discount.

Stellar Productions’ Gift in Shift conference has been a sell out for the past three years and 2010 promises to be the same. The topic of this year’s event is Being The Gift in Shift; actually embodying the changes we choose to see on the planet and in ourselves. This is a time of personal responsibility and taking ownership and accountability of all that we’ve manifested. We must demand that in ourselves and in our leaders. Being on the earth at this time is not for the feint of heart. However, the biggest, most difficult obstacles are those which give us the opportunity for the most profound transformations. We are headed to times of unheralded peace and prosperity. If that means taking responsibility for your actions and creating a new paradigm, are you willing to do it?

Stellar has put together a great line-up of life-changing personal growth speakers to address this topic. Gregg Braden returns as the opening key-note speaker. His ground-breaking book, Fractal Time discusses how we’re living the end of time. Forget the Hollywood version of 2012. Braden espouses it’s not the end of the world, but the end of a world age – a 5,125-year cycle of time – and the way we’ve known the world throughout that time.

“We all know that dark experiences definitely exist in our world, and we don’t need to look far to find them; however, there’s also more to life than the suffering that the ancients foresaw – much more. Even in our time of great darkness, the polarities of peace, healing, love, and compassion are alive, well, and abundant,” says Braden.

Dr. Joe Dispenza is the closing key note. His new book, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a new one, explains how to do just that. According to Dr. Joe, “Psychology tells us that 90% of the emotions we experience are negative. These emotions are activated by stress chemicals: fear and anxiety, anger and aggression, sadness and depression etc. Most people have an experience in their life and that experience is an emotional reaction. They memorize the emotional reaction so well that it becomes part of their personality.”

Dr. Dispenza teaches us to access the brain’s operating system and recall memorized emotions to unmemorize them and then reinvent the new self. “The process of change requires unlearning and relearning. It takes breaking synaptic connections and then rewiring new circuits in the brain. All we need is a little knowledge and a chance to apply it, and people start to have some pretty good changes in their life,” says Dr. Joe.

Dennis Andres - A true adventurer, Dennis Andres has led people on tours from Machu Pichu to Stonehenge to Tibet. His exploits include an audience with the Dalai Lama and dinner with the King of Mustang. After visiting more than 50 countries, he chose Sedona as his home. The beauty of the red rocks, the energy and sanctuary of Sedona are close to his heart. Dennis has covered more than 5,000 miles of trails with thousands of visitors over the years. Dennis knows so much about Red Rock Country that people simply call him “Mr. Sedona.” He’s escorted people on journeys from simple nature hikes to profound spiritual experiences. Join Dennis as he welcomes you to Red Rock Country and tells the secrets of gaining spiritual growth from this sacred land.

He has authored the local best-sellers, What Is A Vortex?, Sedona’s Top 10 Hikes , and Sedona: The Essential Guidebook . Dennis knows so much about Red Rock Country that people simply call him “Mr. Sedona.”

Dr. Rocco Erricco will deliver Saturday’s afternoon keynote speech, Implementing Heaven on Earth, shifting consciousness with the wisdom of the heart. The 7 keys to unlock the message of ancient spiritual texts are essential to understanding this choice point in time. Dr. Errico is an ordained minister, international lecturer and author, spiritual counselor, and one of the nation's leading Biblical scholars working from the original Aramaic texts. For ten years he studied intensively with Dr. George M. Lamsa, Th.D., (1890-1975), world-renowned Assyrian biblical scholar and translator of the Holy Bible from the Ancient Eastern Text. Dr. Errico is proficient in Aramaic and Hebrew exegesis, helping thousands of readers and seminar participants understand how the Semitic context of culture, language, idioms, symbolism, mystical style, psychology, and literary amplification.

Laura Alden Kamm will be discussing the 3 Steps to Inspired Change. One constant in life is that we are always facing the element of change. Most change we really don’t pay that much attention to, the changing of a stop light or changing of our clothes. The smaller changes we take in stride. When something shows up out of what is ordinary to us, we tend to react. But what does reacting do for us? Does it stop the change from occurring? Not always. But it certainly brings out our control issues. After all, we all want to be content, safe, happy and have our needs met.

Many are being forced to change. If we had paid attention, we would have been inspired by going in different directions. People want what they want and when you work with inspired change, you get what you need when you need it. The 3 steps for Inspired Change are Inspired Vision, Committed Courage and Creative Vision.

Many are operating out of fear. Fear is the mechanism of instinct. This is the primal level where many people stay frozen. Laura had a NDE and faced the ultimate fear. You don’t have to go to that place. Learn how you can turn fear around. Use the skills that you have inside of you to bring inspired change that is perfect for your life. Laura will teach you how to pay attention, how to work with the fear and learn the three steps to creating inspired change that will empower your life.

Laura received her gifts through a NDE experience. As a structural and medical intuitive, she has worked with countless individuals around the world, from all strata of society. Doctors have called Laura a “walking MRI” for her laser-like accuracy in intuitive assessments. She is the author of Intuitive Wellness and audio programs, Unlocking Your Intuitive Power: How to Read the Energy of Anything and Color Intuition. She is a popular radio guest and the host of Laura Kamm Live. She has served on research panels, including the National Institute of Health-funded studies on remote healing with HIV/AIDs patients. Laura has also worked with the complementary medicine unit at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City. Her work has been highlighted in Body + Soul and Better Health and Living Magazines, and she is the “Intuitive Development Expert” for Sounds True web channel.

Dr. Steven Ross

The Mind, Nature and Heart of Healing: The Healing Wisdom of P.P. Quimby, Paracelsus and J.R. Newton. Dr. Ross will present the healing wisdom of three of the greatest healers of all time. This will be a 'how-to' presentation that the attendees will be able to take with them whether they approach healing from the use of mind, the bounties of nature or the use of their heart.

Dr. Steven Ross is the President and CEO of the World Research Foundation (WRF) since its inception in 1984. The WRF has established a unique, international, health information network to inform people of all available treatments world-wide, providing people the freedom to choose based on complete and in-depth information.

The WRF is one of the only organizations that provides comprehensive health information on both allopathic and alternative medicine techniques. The purpose of the Foundation is to locate, gather, codify, evaluate, classify, and disseminate information dealing with health and the environment. All countries are contacted to collect the best health information in an unbiased, neutral, and independent manner. The collected health information encompasses both ancient and current data from traditional and nontraditional medicine. Bert Janssen 2012:Twilight Of The Gods >From the Mayans to Wagner and beyond

In the fourth Ring opera by Wagner, called Go"tterdämmerung, the heavens are on fire, the flames consume the Gods, and the message to humanity is, ‘You Must Now Do It On Your Own.’ 5000 years before Wagner, the Mayans designed a different kind of opera and called it a calendar. The messengers are different, but the message is the same – The kingdom of heaven is within you - Open your eyes and open your ears to your own inner mastery. Bert Janssen will discuss the Mayan Calendar, Wagner, and the tapestry that weaves the two together - the 2009 Crop Circles in Wiltshire, England. The time is Now!

About Stellar Productions

Dutch native, Bert Janssen, is a speaker at Stellar Productions Lives upcoming “Fourth Annual Gift in Shift” Conference Jan. 15-17. He will be a guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory live at 1:00a.m.Pacific Time on January 12, 2010. Bert will be speaking on new information he has gleaned about the connection between the Mayan Calendar and Crop Circles. Check the website for your local radio station listings in your area.
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